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Contributor Dr. Joseph Murphy


Dr. Joseph  Murphy
Dr. Joseph Murphy
Dr. Joseph Murphy (1898 - 1981), the founder of The Church of Divine Science, produced books, tapes, and radio broadcasts on spiritual matters, the historical values of life, the art of wholesome living, and the teachings of great philosophers—both from the Eastern and Western cultures.



Wake Up and Live! One day a lion cub was playing alone in the wilderness while his mother slept. The baby lion decided that he’d explore a bit and see what the great... Comments


Heart Opening Meditation To Release Negative Emotions

Holding a grudge against someone? Feeling hurt by someone’s words or actions? In this softly guided meditation by Marianne Williamson, slowly release


Infinite Power For Richer Living
Infinite Power For Richer Living

There is an Infinite Power within you that can lift you up, heal you, inspire you, guide you, direct you, and set you on the high road to happiness, freedom, peace of mind, and joy of fulfilled and tr

How To Use The Laws Of Mind
How To Use The Laws Of Mind

“The law of your mind is the law of belief itself. What we believe makes us who we are. William James observed that whatever people expect to be true, it will be so, without concern of whether t