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Contributor Gordon Smith


Gordon  Smith
Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith, the author of Spirit Messenger and The Unbelievable Truth, is an astoundingly accurate medium who’s renowned for his ability to give exact names of people, places, and even streets. Gordon travels all around the world demonstrating his abilities, offering healing and comfort to thousands of people. His extraordinary skills have attracted the attention of university scientists researching psychic phenomena, as well as countless numbers of journalists and documentary producers.



A ghost in a wood
What are Ghosts? Truths and Misconceptions about Ghosts and Spirits People have always been fascinated by ghosts, spirits and things that go bump in the night. Even children love the chill and suspense of a good ghost... Comments
a woman with her eyes closed
How Does Mediumship Work? A big part of the development I had to go through as a medium was getting to know my own mind, as I explain in detail in my book The Unbelievable... Comments
Hands receiving light
Gordon Smith Reveals How Mediumship Works A big part of the development I had to go through as a medium was getting to know my own mind, as I elaborate in my book The Unbelievable Truth . As... Comments


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Developing Mediumship
Developing Mediumship

In his latest book, Gordon Smith - 'Hailed as the UK's most accurate medium' - teaches you how to develop your own abilities as a medium, with humour, warmth and skill. Using simple yet powerful exerc

The Healing Power of Mediumship
The Healing Power of Mediumship

"Gordon Smith is interviewed by fellow medium John Holland in this fun and frank discussion about what it means to be a medium and how to develop your abilities, no matter what level you are. You