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Contributor Kyle Gray


Kyle  Gray
Kyle Gray

Kyle Gray has had spiritual encounters from an early age. When he was just four years old, his grandmother’s soul visited him from the other side. Growing up, Kyle always had an ability to hear, feel and see what goes beyond the natural senses, which eventually led to him discovering the power and love of angels in his teens.

Now, at just 28, Kyle is one of the most hip and sought-after experts in his field. With his unique ability to stay grounded and keep it real, he reintroduces the idea of angels and spirituality in an accessible way and believes he can bring ancient spiritual knowledge across in a modern way to help the reader of today.

Kyle speaks around the world, and his talks in the UK and Europe have been known to sell out. He is based in Glasgow, Scotland, where he runs his boutique Yoga and Meditation studio, The Zen Den.



Kyle Gray
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