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Louise Hay
“I breathe in the fullness and richness of Life. I observe with joy as Life abundantly supports me and supplies me with more good than I can imagine.” Louise Hay

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An hourglass and book
How Does Past Life Regression Work? Consciousness is like a multi-storey building. Everyday awareness is akin to one of the floors... Comments
Crystals set against a deep space background
Chakra-Opening Exercises for Working With Crystals Although crystals might look solid, like everything else in the universe they are actually a few... Comments
An artist's interpretation of an angel
How to Welcome Help from Angels As you read this there are angels before you, angels behind you, angels at either side, angels... Comments
The Impact Of Shifting Your Vibrational Frequency
The Powerful Impact Of Your Vibrational Frequency <p><em>Editor's Note - below is an excerpt from </em><a href=" http... Comments
In Memory of Robin Williams
In Memory Of Robin Williams I spent part of my evening listening to the news reports about the suicide of Robin Williams, as I... Comments
4 Archangels You Can Call On For Help
4 Archangels You Can Call On For Help There are so many angels out there in our amazing universe. Some archangels are better known than... Comments
5 Things Energy Medicine Does Beyond  Regular Medicine
5 Things Energy Medicine Does Beyond Regular Medicine Energy medicine is literally what it sounds like—energy IS the medicine. Let’s start with the... Comments
Healing the Hurt of Rejection
Healing the Hurt of Rejection One of the greatest fears people experience is the fear of rejection. That’s because there are few... Comments