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Video - Motivational videos for your soul

Video Motivational videos for your soul

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Find Your Path To Your Past Life

Move through the tunnel to release old patterns or decisions that have felt less than empowering and

Meditation To Help You Make A Decision

Take inspired action with this informational segment on the Wholy Shift. You always have a transform

Meditation For Financial Growth

 Denise Linn helps you meet the spirit of money for a deeper connection with it. 

Ask For Help From The Holy Spirit

Welcome any family members who have passed on to the next realm.

Attune Your Chakras And Unblock Your Energy

It’s time to take ride the glass chakra elevator with Dr. Laura Berman. Allow her to guide you in a

Use This Meditation To Meet Your Future Self

Are you at a fork in the road, confused as to what you should do? Allow Jennifer Grace to guide you

Release Obstructions To Your Light

Join Linda Howe as she guides you on a meditation to release obstructions to your light and amplify

A Meditation To Attract Abundance

Step into more abundance and prosperity with this meditation by Denise Linn. In this multi-part medi

Plant A Seed Of Intention

Have you always wanted to learn to meditate? Have you tried to create a meditative practice only to

Communicate Directly With Your Soul

As a bonus, Meggan explains the 3 main ways your soul communicates with you and how to discern betwe