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Louise Hay
“There is plenty for everyone, including me.” Louise Hay

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Power of the Pen

One of the simplest ways to banish stress in mere

What Doctors Are Missing About Your Menopause Symptoms

As I explain in my book, Medical Medium, treatment

Tips For Playing The Matrix And Getting What You Really Want

Editor's Note: Catch Mike Dooley in the 4th Annual

Stay in the Game

What did we do? We took a sport that’s been around

A Field of Angels

Former law enforcement professional Lillie Leonard

What Do You Long For?

I had never heard the word yurt before, but within

3 Meditation Tips To Give You Peace With Your Mind

I’m so excited about the Body Calm Meditations au

A New Outlook From A Hollywood Director

I’m a storyteller, a film director for over 25 yea