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10 Best Hair-Raising Halloween Gifts

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10 Best Hair-Raising Halloween Gifts

Hay House
Oct 28, 2009 at 10:45 PM 0 comments

It’s hard not to love Halloween. It’s the time when you can play pranks on your friends, keep your house dusty with cobwebs, eat candy without guilt, dress up in funny costumes, talk about ghosts without being committed, and invite people to your house who only stay a few minutes for a small treat!

Tradition has it that Halloween was first recognized by the Celts who believed that when their harvest ended on October 31st, the boundary or “veil” between the worlds is dissolved—leaving the doorway open for all entities of another dimension to emerge.
To celebrate the Halloween season, come along with me beyond the warehouse, beneath the stairs, below the basement—deep into our archives for a glimpse at our Top 10 Most Frightfully Fascinating, Chillingly Compelling and Hauntingly Hair-Raising Halloween Gifts for the New Age fan—if you dare!

  • Spellbinding (Claudia Blaxell): Want to cast a spell to speed up a job promotion, make your lover call you, unearth a windfall of money, or bewitch someone you have a crush on? Try a little magic to empower your life in this little paperback.
  • Secrets & Mysteries of the World (Sylvia Browne): Do vampires and werewolves exist? What’s the real story of the Loch Ness Monster? Do aliens live among us? Do crop circles reveal messages from beyond this world? You’ll find all the answers in this exposé on the unexplained!
  • The Disappearance of the Universe (Gary Renard): What would you do if you were sitting quietly in your living room when a mysterious couple appeared from out of nowhere—and then told you they were “ascended masters” who had come to reveal some shocking secrets about your existence? Would you call the cops? Call a psychiatrist? Call for a pizza? The conversations that follow in this riveting book will startle you! 
  • Messages from Spirit (Colette Baron-Reid): How could a mother receive an undeniable message from her deceased son? Why did an overheard conversation between strangers deliver a life-altering personal message to a bystander? How could a dream warn a woman of a future event? This book will transfix you as you meet all the spirits who are vying for your attention.
  • The Secret Behind “The Secret” (Esther and Jerry Hicks): If you’re skeptical about entities who can communicate from the Other Side, you’ll change your mind after you see this riveting DVD! Witness how the Non-Physical teachers known as Abraham are channeled before your eyes to bring messages on how to connect to your Divine Source. These sharp-talking educators from beyond will win you over!
  • Regression Through the Mirrors of Time (Brian L. Weiss): Have you visited a new city that seems so familiar to you? Did you ever meet someone and feel like you’ve known them for years even if you never met before that day? Do you often wonder who you were in a past life? Now with the help of this compelling CD, you can retrieve actual memories (including details on your wardrobe and residence) from your prior lifetimes. Did you get goose bumps yet?
  • Angel Numbers (Doreen Virtue): Do you ever wonder why you see certain numbers? Why do you wake up in the middle of the night at the exact same time? These are all signs from above! The angels have got your number—do you know what they mean? One of the favorite methods of our celestial friends is to show you signs through a sequence of numbers and now there’s a book to tell you what these numbers mean.
  • An Autobiography of George Washington (Caroline Myss): What’s so special about an autobiography on America’s first president? Only that George Washington dictated it after he was deceased! One evening in 1955, the President came back from the Other Side and appeared to a scribe. He then asked her to serve as a channel so he could tell the real story about his life. This magnetic material—including President Washington’s views on current events—will hold you captive!
  • Grace, Gaia, and the End of Days (Stuart Wilde): Here is a new spin on the age-old question of how the world will end! In this mind-bending account, there is a raging battle in the spiritual world between the forces of light and the ghouls or dark entities to free us from the destruction of our Earth. Will Gaia be able to help us take back our planet on behalf of the animals, nature, and the little children? You’ll easily bury yourself for hours in this haunting account!
  • Removing the Masks That Bind Us (John Randolph Price):  If you’re still wearing a disguise long after October 31st, then you need to read this book! Find out why you choose to put on these absurd false faces—consciously and unconsciously—and why you use them to get your way or defend yourself against those who are preying on you.

Enjoy these recommendations and have a spine-tingling spiritual Halloween!

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