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10 Powerful Affirmations For Letting Go

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10 Powerful Affirmations For Letting Go

Living In The Present Moment
Melody  Beattie
Melody Beattie More by this author
Aug 30, 2016 at 09:00 AM

Each day, we can ask for and accept the healing energy of God and the Universe. Open your hearts and let that energy flow to you, through you, and on to others. When you live in the here-and-now, you can allow life to happen instead of trying to force outcomes. When you relinquish regrets over the past and fears about the future, you can truly make the most of each present day.

Here are 10 affirmations to help you let go and let life happen now!

1. Accepting Change:

Today I will be open to the process of change. I will trust my Higher Power and believe that the place where I’ll be dropped off is better than the place where I was picked up. I know that change is necessary to take me wherever I need to go.

2. Loving Myself Unconditionally:

Today I will work at loving myself unconditionally. God, please help me let go of self-loathing and other unproductive behaviors. Today, God, I want to hold myself in high self-esteem. I know I can do so with Your help.

3. Releasing Fear:

Today I will ask God to help me let go of my need to be afraid. I welcome peace, trust, acceptance, and safety into my life. I will make a point of listening to my healthy, rational fears, and will relinquish all the others.

4. Taking Risks:

Today I will ask God to help me begin to take healthy risks. I will ask for assistance in letting go of my fear of failure . . . and success. I will ask for help in fully living my life so that I can start experiencing all the wonderful parts of my journey.

5. Taking Time for Meditation and Prayer:

Today I will take a moment for meditation and prayer. I know that I’m a creation of God, and He loves me. God, through meditation and prayer, I have faith that I will hear You when You talk to me, and You will listen when I talk to You.

6. Apologizing:

Today I will try to be clear and healthy in my apologies, taking responsibility for my own actions and nobody else’s. I will seek God’s help in figuring out what I truly need to apologize for, and I will do so without reservation.

7. Focusing on Peace:

Today I will focus on a peaceful pace, rather than a harried one. I will keep moving forward gently, not frantically. I will let go of my need to be anxious and upset and will replace these feelings with calmness and harmony.

8. Allowing Things to Happen:

Today I will let things happen without worrying about the significance of each event. I will trust that this will bring about my growth faster than running around with a microscope. I will have faith that my lessons will reveal themselves in their own time.

9. Practicing Gratitude:

Today I will practice gratitude. I will get in the habit of saying thank you, even for the “problems” in my life, because these challenges are valuable lessons I can learn from. Gratitude is the key that turns problems into blessings, and the unexpected into gifts.

10. Trusting God:

Today I will ask my Higher Power to send me His best, and I will trust that all that is good will come to me. I will remember that sometimes we don’t get what we want because God has something infinitely better in store for us.

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Melody  Beattie
Melody Beattie - the best-selling author of The Language of Letting Go, has written 12 books. Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, she now lives in Southern California. Her hobbies include skydiving, yoga, travel, and hiking. Continue reading