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10 Questions Answered About Your Spirit Guides

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10 Questions Answered About Your Spirit Guides

Communicating With Your Guides
Sylvia  Browne
Sylvia Browne More by this author
Jan 04, 2015 at 12:15 PM

Editor's Note - The beloved author and world famous psychic Sylvia Browne left this world and made her transition to the Other Side on November 20, 2013. This month, Hay House is releasing a revised edition of her popular book, Contacting Your Spirit Guide, which includes a new featured section called, “A Day in the Life of a Spirit Guide.”

Spirit guides come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re from all different cultures. They can assume any visage, but I assure you, they’re trusted, valued friends who will never disappoint you. They have great wisdom and courage, and you’ll hear from them if you’re quiet and listen. Guides don’t always have an audible voice, although the more you believe in their existence, the better they’re able to communicate.

Maybe I had an edge because I came from a long line of psychics (going back 300 years!)—but I actually heard my guide speak to me when I was seven years old. In the beginning, she didn’t give me a running commentary, but she did give me messages. Please understand, this all started 61 years ago, and it was a much different world back then—one where people couldn’t even begin to accept this concept—not to mention the fact that I was born into a Catholic/Jewish/Episcopalian/Lutheran household. None of this lent itself to making contact with a disembodied spirit. When people now tell me that they’re struggling with similar confusion and fear, I understand completely.

I’d like to help people learn about spirit guides by sharing 10 common questions that have been posed to me by readers of my books, by my clients, and by miscellaneous individuals over the years.

Question 1: How many spirit guides can a person have?
A: It is possible to have more than one guide, as I do—Francine, my primary guide: and Raheim, my secondary guide—but usually you’ll have just one. I’ve never found anyone in all of my years of research to have more than two guides. Even if that’s the case, there’s always a primary guide (such as Francine) who helps us with our written chart that we completed before we came into this life.

Question 2: Can guides ever move objects?
A: Guides have been known to move things, but this is rare. Since they’re of such a high vibration, they can operate electrical items, such as making lights go on and off. I remember one client who did an exercise to get in touch with her guide, and soon afterward there was a loud popping noise that came out of the speakers of her television—and then her TV was off.

Question 3: Do we ever become guides?
A: Yes, everyone gets the chance to be a guide. It isn’t that complicated, except for studying the chart with the entity. We choose to help each other before we ever come into life.

Question 4: Why do some people have male guides, while others have female guides?
A: Well, Francine says that it’s related to our left and right brain. In other words, I have a female guide because I needed to expand my emotional side more. A male guide will be there if you need to balance your intellect. This doesn’t mean that we’re necessarily ineffectual in this area; it just gives us an extra boost.

Question 5: Can guides change our charts?
A. We write our life’s chart with the help of a group of friends, helpers, and the “Council,” which is comprised of wise “master teachers,” all of whom help us map out our purpose. Then our spirit guide comes in to study with us and to help us as much as possible. So our guide won’t change our chart but they can help modify our chart, give solace during the pain, and often petition the Council to, let’s say, give us some light at the end of the tunnel. Think of our guides as trusted friends who unconditionally love us and go through everything with us, who encourage us, and who aren’t beyond giving us a gentle but effective kick in the backside.

Question 6: Can guides heal?
A: Our guides can heal and help us mentally, but they always call on angels or even “spirit doctors” to assist us. Because they’re so advanced, the guides have the ability to call on any and all entities at their disposal.

Question 7: Do guides ever leave us?
A: No, our spirit guides never, ever leave us—they’re with us every waking moment. They do have the ability to bilocate, though, which means that they’re able to be in two places at the same time, in full consciousness. This is hard for our finite minds to comprehend, but on the Other Side, our essence is so strong that we can fully be in two places at once. For instance, a guide could be watching over you and still be before the Council pleading your case to modify your chart or get some advice or extra help.

Question 8: Can a guide be mistaken for a ghost or loved one who’s passed over?
A: Rarely can a guide be mistaken for one of these entities, because he or she won’t manifest in the same way. The reason we see ghosts is because they haven’t made the transition to the Other Side and are therefore closer to this dimension. In the case of deceased loved ones, it takes a period of time after they pass to reach the elevated vibration level of guides, because they’ve so recently come from this dimension. If the guide does manifest, it will be a brief appearance, like when I actually saw Francine and Raheim. Instead, there’s a real sense that they’re with me, but not in full-body form.

Question 9: Do people share guides?
A: No, although guides can visit each other or get information from other guides. Many people have even tuned in to Francine briefly at my lectures. When I’m speaking, I always have this strong sense that many spirit guides are getting together and saying things such as, “If you think you’ve got problems, look at what I’m dealing with.

Question 10: What do our guides look like?
A: Some guides will appear in what I call their own definitive mode of dress. Some have actually dressed in Roman togas, but they can show up in regular street attire, too. Francine usually appears to me in a flowing chiffon dress, while Raheim tends to wear a white Nehru jacket with a white turban. This doesn’t seem to have any particular significant except that it reflects their own individual preference, which proves that we not only keep our own personality on the Other Side, but our taste in dress as well.

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