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10 Truths that Blew Hay House Authors' Minds

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10 Truths that Blew Hay House Authors' Minds

Watch the stars of I Can Do It! London discuss their most profound life lessons
Becky  Walsh
Becky Walsh More by this author
Dec 05, 2014 at 03:45 AM

Editor's Note: Becky Walsh, the author of You Do Know, attended I Can Do It! London 2014 and asked the Hay House authors speaking at the event, What’s a truth that when you first heard it, blew your mind? Their answers might surprise you...

Hay House authors have been the catalyst for some of the most mind blowing life changing insights in my own life and I know if you’re reading this, likely yours too.

I was nineteen when I got a euro-rail ticket and travelled around Europe, country-hopping by train. I had a Walkman tape player and I had a talk by Wayne Dyer almost on loop. Looking out of the window as the train passed country boarders, my nineteen-year-old mind started to open.

I can’t remember how I got that tape, but I do remember what he was talking about. Wayne was talking about getting out of bed and going for a walk at 5.00am and how at around this time in the morning, God speaks to you.

Wayne’s words would make the hairs on my arms stand on end. I have had this experience with many other Hay House authors. But being as curious about people as I am, I wanted to know, what has made their hair stand on end? What has been a truth that when they heard it made them tingle?

I thought you might just be curious about that too, so I set out to make a film at the last ‘I Can Do It’ in London and not only grab the speakers for the weekend, but my Hay House author friends who were in the audience too. I hope you like the insightful answers they gave me. To see the whole film go to


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Becky  Walsh
Becky Walsh has been a teacher, speaker and workshop leader in the field of intuition and spirituality for many years. She is the author of three books including the Amazon bestseller Advanced Psychic Development, and writes for many magazines Continue reading