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10 Ways to Sell Your Home for Maximum Profit with Feng Shui

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10 Ways to Sell Your Home for Maximum Profit with Feng Shui

Make The Most Of Your House Sale With These Tips From Davina MacKail
Davina  MacKail
Davina MacKail More by this author
Feb 16, 2018 at 02:15 AM

2018 is the Chinese year of the Yang Earth Dog – this is a year to get real. It’s time to put our dreams to work and build our visions. We need to clear out what no longer works for us, from small things like disposing of clutter to major transitions.

Reforming and restructuring our containers is a key theme this year. This could manifest as moving office or home, moving to a new country, changing businesses or jobs, restructuring finances, changing diet and fitness plans – anything to do with our containers – our home, workplace, body, bank accounts, etc. With this in mind, many of us may find ourselves moving home this year and will want to make the best sale possible.

A buyer will buy what “feels” right to them. If the feeling is right they’ll overlook many other potential issues with a house. To sell your home fast and for the best market price, employ these feng shui tips to increase those all-important “good vibes”

1. Be visible

Can buyers find you? Ensure that your house name and number are clearly visible, well-lit, and preferably placed just above eyeline. Looking up creates an uplifting feeling, whereas looking down creates the opposite. Ensure the doorbell is working – a note on the door saying “please knock loudly, bell not working” won’t sell your home!

2. First impressions do count

In feng shui the front door and entrance are the most important areas of the house. This is the buyer’s first impression and it will give them an indication of the condition of the rest of the house, so keep it immaculate! Trim back overhanging foliage around your doorway and the path leading up to it, and remove any weeds, dead flowers, broken plant pots, abandoned toys, and other eyesores. Make sure the entrance is well-lit and have something flanking either side of the front door, such as two pots of lush, healthy plants or flowers. If your hallway is looking tired, give it a coat of paint to create a sense of freshness when people enter.

Top tip: A raw onion cut in half and left out overnight absorbs the smell of paint quickly and effectively.

3. Time to let go

Moving out of your home gives you the ideal opportunity to clear out your clutter. Think about how much money you’ll save when you don’t have as many boxes to move. Moreover, you need to give potential buyers a feeling of space. If your cupboards are overstuffed and things are lying around with no place, buyers will get the sense that the house is too small for your needs, which means it will be too small for theirs too. One you’ve cleared the clutter, take a critical look at your carpets and wall finishes – are they badly stained or scuffed? Can a few well-placed, inexpensive rugs solve the problem? Perhaps you can rearrange the furniture to minimize the impact. You should consider moving your furniture in any event, as furniture placed away from walls creates a more spacious room – this is called the “floating” arrangement.

4. Start packing up

During the moving process it can be beneficial to hire a storage unit to store personal items that you’d prefer to keep away from the prying eyes of prospective buyers. You could also take to opportunity to store some of your bulkier furniture to create a sense of spaciousness in your home. Less is always more when it comes to preparing your home for sale.

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5. Keep things neutral and in good condition

Personal items such as family photographs or religious objects will distract potential buyers and you should consider placing them in temporary storage. If buyers are distracted by your collection of antique ornaments or carriage clocks they will not be focusing on the selling points of your home. They'll also have a harder time imagining the house as their space rather than yours. If things are broken or in a bad condition, buyers are more likely to think your home hasn't been cared for and they may become concerned that bigger maintenance issues may have been neglected over the years. Fix what’s obvious.

6. Engage your buyer’s senses

You’ll want to make sure that your home:

Feels good: Ensure energy can move freely around your space and there are no mirrors placed opposite doors. All passageways should be clutter-free; make sure nothing is stored behind doors, preventing them from opening fully.

Looks good: Clear the tops of all surfaces, kitchen counters, shelves, and dressers to enhance the sense of horizontal space in your home. You want to draw the eye to the corner diagonal of each room, creating a sense of spaciousness.

Sounds good: Soft, non-intrusive background music (classical usually works best) will prevent your home from feeling “dead” to buyers and create a sense of harmony.

Smells good: We all know the smells of freshly ground coffee or baking bread create a welcoming, homely feel. A simple scented candle can work just as well to engage the sense of smell; basil, rosemary, and vanilla fragrances are all good options. If you have pets, it is best to make sure they are out of the house when you show prospective buyers round; if they are not animal lovers they can make negative judgments about the impact of pets on houses. You can ask a trusted friend to do a smell test – not just for pet smells, but for old socks, mould, damp, or cooking smells.

7. Correctly place your “For Sale” sign

Make sure the “For Sale” sign is to the right of your front door as you look at it. This is the yang, or dragon, side of the house. Draw a picture of your house on a small piece of paper, write “SOLD” across it, and write the price you've sold it for. Place this under your front doormat. This has the effect of reminding the unconscious that the house is sold every time someone walks over the threshold.

8. Focus on the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Insist on making this area gorgeous; clear counters, clean and organize your pantry, and place bins and knives out of sight. A lush plant or bowl of citrus fruit on the counter add healthy zing.

9. Green fingers

Fresh flowers and healthy pot plants are a great way to bring life to any space. Ensure there are no spindly plants climbing up the house, as this can make it seem like it’s dying. Give all the plants in and around your home a good spruce up and replace anything dead or wilting.

10. Saying goodbye

Make sure that everyone in your family wants to sell the home. Houses don’t sell if the occupants remain emotionally attached to them. If the house is empty whilst being sold, ensure a trusted key holder visits to regularly air the property, keep the garden tidy, and perhaps use a vanilla or lemongrass room spray to freshen the environment.

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