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11 Easy Ways To Use Your Indigo Power

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11 Easy Ways To Use Your Indigo Power

Are You Or Someone You Know An Indigo?
Charles Virtue
Charles Virtue More by this author
Nov 14, 2016 at 11:00 AM

Indigo isn’t a box category that you can neatly fit people into. It’s actually a description of a personality and energy style with some very admirable traits that could serve us all.

Our vision is a world where Indigo Power is unleashed at its highest vibrational potential.

11 Ways Indigos Can Become Agents Of Change

• Documentary film directors

• Inventors and innovators

• Leaders, coaches, and teachers

• Bloggers, vloggers, and social commentators

• Activists

• Artists

• Environmentalists

• Authors

• Animal-rights spokespeople

• Speakers

• Charity volunteers

The possibilities are endless for channeling anger and frustration in positive ways. 

Indigo is an energy that has always existed among humanity but is being noticed now more than ever before. Indigo Children are best known for their personality trait of being very resistant to authority, and very resistant to rules. The truth is that the Indigo Children, while often thought to have “behavioral issues,” are spiritual warriors who are here to bring about great change in our modern way of life.

Indigo Children, referred to as the “new children,” are actually just one of the many different kinds of new human energy coming into this planet in greater concentrations.

The Indigo Children have come to this planet to metaphorically lift up the rocks so that we can see what’s underneath them—to move the curtains aside so that we can see what’s really behind them—so the lightworkers of this world can make the necessary changes.

We can envision a world where Indigo energy teaches us all to trust our gut feelings and to demand honesty and integrity from everyone. We see a world where it’s no longer possible to be lied to or manipulated because everyone can plainly see the truth . . . and speaks up about it.

The Indigos are the people who feel an inner sense of duty to do something about the problems they see. Indigos who understand their personal power are using their gifts to positively change the world. You can do the same by studying Indigo Power in yourself and in others. When we get in touch with our Indigo Power, and then channel it constructively, we become agents of change.

The remarkable generation of Indigo Children that were mostly born in the 1970s and 1980s have grown into highly intuitive adults who speak the truth - and have an inner calling to take action to do something about the challenges facing this world.

The Life Purpose Of Indigos

Indigos are often “old souls” who have waited for this Divine time of human awakening and evolution to return here to Earth. These evolved beings seem to hit the ground running with a mission as soon as they’re born and consistently display common characteristics of being very aware, sensitive, and intuitive. The Indigos are here for one major purpose: to open our eyes to the world around us so that we can recognize the much-needed and important changes that must be made. The Indigo spirit has always existed among humankind but is more noticeable now than ever before in recorded history. 

It is beyond debate that humanity is “waking up” all around the globe, and with this new awareness, we are realizing just how outdated and control based many institutions have become. We all want change, and in the past a violent revolution was often thought necessary to bring it about. But those days are over, and now Heaven is working more closely with humanity to enact positive change. In this regard, we are being blessed with the unstoppable will of the Indigo. Indigos can be considered angels of change, because they come into life with a great, Heavenly mission to question rules, authority, and dogma. The Indigos shine light upon dishonesty to make us review and analyze our world, and to actually put thought into our daily actions and goals. 

My book, Awaken Your Indigo Power, shows you how to overcome fears related to leadership and being authentic .

Main Characteristics Of The Indigo Spirit

• Strong will

• Blunt truthfulness, no matter what the consequences

• Idealism

• Fiery passion in their eyes

• Frustration and anger about world events

• Hypervigilance and constant alertness to perceived threats or danger

• Wariness until you prove your trustworthiness to them

• Unwillingness to compromise or sell out their values

• Trust in their intuition

• High standards

• Adherence to their own internal core convictions

• Edginess in their speech, mannerisms, hairstyle, body art, and clothing style

• Independence (often loners)

• Impulsivity

• Original thinking

Indigos are also . . .

• Comfortable with the shadows of life

• Intuitive and in touch with gut feelings

• Prone to mood swings

• Highly sensitive to chemicals

• Spiritual, not religious

In addition, Indigos . . .

• Follow their hearts

• Know the value of having fun

• Respect people only for what they do, not on account of age, wealth, or title

• Enjoy music

If you relate to the majority (not necessarily all) of these characteristics, this is a sign that you are an Indigo. Or if you’re thinking of someone else, it indicates that the other person likely is one.


About Author
Charles Virtue
Charles Virtue is the eldest son of Doreen Virtue, raised in an atmosphere of spirituality. He helped Doreen to research and write "The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children" and he is the co-author of "Signs From Above" Continue reading