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15 Lessons I Learned From Sonia Choquette

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15 Lessons I Learned From Sonia Choquette

Rebecca Campbell shares the biggest lessons Sonia taught her
Rebecca Campbell
Rebecca Campbell More by this author
Sep 18, 2015 at 02:15 AM

The moment I met Sonia I knew she was going to be my teacher. It was as if it had already been decided. Her fierceness of spirit was intoxicating. I’d never met anyone in the spiritual world who was so strong, exuberant and authentic. Her devotion was hardcore and my spirit wanted in.

An exuberant Sonia (l) and Rebecca (r)

When Sonia first looked at me I could feel my ego panic, desperately wanting to run away and hide, knowing the crumbling of its carefully crafted structures that lay ahead.

 Sonia has not only been such a wonderful guide to me personally, but professionally as well. Always holding me to the vibration of my soul’s highest calling and never working harder than I was (a sign of a wonderful teacher). When I finally answered the call by writing Light Is The New Black, it was Sonia who handed it to Michelle Pilley at Hay House.

I’d say that the biggest lesson Sonia has taught me is that the best teachers never stop being students. And so in tribute to my wonderful teacher, here are some of my favorite lessons, and here’s to the many more to come:

1. Being uncomfortable is good

If we are uncomfortable, we can be sure of one thing… our soul is most definitely growing. Breathe into the uncomfortable-ness and just dance extra quick. Your spirit knows the way.

2. Everyone and everything is our teacher

If we stay curious, we discover that everything around us (especially the difficult and the annoying) offers opportunities to deepen our learning and raise our consciousness.

3. No one is immune to heartbreak

There are no spiritual teachings that can stop you from experiencing the heartbreak that comes with being human. There are no spiritual teachers who are in constant bliss. We are all doing our best and, as Ram Das says, walking each other home. It is Sonia’s humanness that taught me the most. As her life was imploding, and she was walking through the rubble (as described in her book Walking Home), I was walking through the rubble of my life too. Witnessing this honesty made me see how triumphant the human spirit truly is and how it is possible to find peace within all of that and sometimes because of all that.

4. Receive the support that is already there

Often it takes our whole life to crumble for us to truly surrender and allow ourselves to be held by the universe, or rather receive the support that is already there.

5. Sacred space

We should each have a space so sacred that no one else can enter; a space where we can dwell with God; a space for our spirit to go to replenish; a space that is clear of all attachments and expectations. Without this space it is impossible to get a clear reading on someone else (especially if you are empathic/clairsentient) as you won’t be able to distinguish what is their stuff and what is your stuff.

6. Non-negotiable spiritual practice

If you are serious about doing the work and improving your intuition, you must devote a non-negotiable window of time each day to meditate. My favorite form of meditation is Light Sourcing. I do it every day, no matter what. It is easily the best decision I have ever made.

7. Just say YES

The only difference between an intuitive person and someone else is that when they hear/feel/sense/see their intuition they say YES, no matter how much it scares them or how much sense it makes. It may take a little while, but intuition always makes sense in the end.

8. Everything is vibration

If you slow down enough to tune into the vibration of things you will be able to tell what is in alignment with you and what is out of alignment, what is a YES and what is a NO.

9. Let your intuition MOVE you

Listening is one thing, acting on your intuition is another. Allowing yourself to be moved by your intuition is scary because it rarely makes logical sense. When you allow your mind and body to serve your intuition, you step onto a magic carpet where things beyond what you could possible imagine happen, and you start flowing with life.

10. It’s not your job to save anyone

As healers, our natural tendency is to over give, but we cannot do the growing for another, they have to want the change themselves. Our only job as Lightworkers is to shine our light and scatter seeds. If that light and those seeds land on fertile ground they will bloom. If not, just move on and keep shining your light and scattering those seeds.

11. Be like a butcher

Most intuitives and healers feel bad about asking for payment and growing their business. However, if we are going to lead a sustainable business and serve as many people as possible, we need to look at our work like someone with a ‘normal job’ would look at theirs. For example, if you buy six sausages the butcher doesn’t give you eight; they don’t answer emails at 10pm at night; they don’t give their sausages away for free or at a discounted price; they don’t spend hours questioning whether they are good enough; they just show up and sell their sausages, because that’s their job.

12. See the spirit in everyone

If there is someone who you find difficult to deal with, speak to their spirit and watch them soften before your eyes.

13. Be unattached to the outcome

This is a biggy. Instead of being attached to an outcome, concentrate on showing up, being of service and shining your light. So instead of saying “I am a bestselling author/award-winning director” say, “I show up and shine my light as far as God sees fit”.

14. Living from your heart takes courage

Living from your heart is not all group hugs and rom coms; it’s bloody hard work. But the only thing harder than finding the courage to truly live from your heart is not finding the courage to truly live from your heart. And once you face that fear, you realize that it wasn’t actually that scary.

15. Your voice is needed here

Do not assume your voice isn't needed here just because someone else may have said something similar. It may have been said but it hasn’t been said by you.

Rebecca Campbell is the bestselling author of Light Is the New Black. Sign up for her free-to-watch Light Is The New Black video series here. Uplifting Prayers to Light Your Way by Sonia Choquette is out now and published by Hay House.

See Sonia Choquette live in London at her Raise Your Vibration event on November 21st 2015:
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