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19 Easy Ways To Go Gluten-Free

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19 Easy Ways To Go Gluten-Free

Try These Delicious Substitutes For Practically Everything
Liana Werner-Gray
Liana Werner-Gray More by this author
Jan 21, 2016 at 10:15 AM

There are so many reasons why I only include Gluten Free recipes in my book The Earth Diet. Gluten can cause so many health issues in our lives. It can make us tired and lethargic, and cause brain fog and bloating.

 Other health issues include:

•    Digestive issues including IBS, Celiac disease and leaky gut
•    Skin issues including acne, psoriasis and eczema 
•    Thyroid issues
•    Stress
•    Insomnia 
•    Candida
•    Inflammation 
•    Depression
•    Anxiety
•    Diabetes
•    Alzheimer's
•    Binge eating
•    Bipolar
•    Cancer
Why gluten has negative effects on our body

Gluten is naturally occurring in nature and can be found in wheat, barley and rye. Because it is natural you may wonder why it is so bad for us.

Gluten is highly acidic and when it enters the body it turns the body acidic and can keep it in that state for a long period of time. Science has proven that disease and cancer thrive in an acidic body, but is not able to grow in an alkaline state. We want to keep a healthy PH alkaline balance. 

Tip: If you do find yourself feeling sluggish after eating gluten, drink Ginger Tea or Lemon Water immediately after to help bring your body back to an alkaline state and reduce inflammation. 

Gluten also causes inflammation in the body as soon as it enters, which might explain why you feel bloated, puffy, “fat”, uncomfortable or start to feel aches and pains in your body after eating it. 

You may also notice that as soon as you eat gluten you feel tired. Gluten is from a Latin word meaning “glue” and is extremely taxing on the body. It is hard to digest so your entire body has to work really hard to break down. 

19 Tips To Make Going Gluten-free Easier

When you go gluten free, even just for a few days, you can feel the results and experience feeling “free” in your digestive system. But many people get stuck thinking they cannot achieve a gluten free lifestyle because it’s hard, so I wanted to share some tips with you that make it a whole lot easier, and also way more delicious! 

1.  Get proper nutrition everyday and you will start to crave less foods that contain gluten. Fill your cells up with vitamins rather than with gluten and you will see that you start to crave less and less toxic foods the more nutrient rich you become. 

2.  One way to get proper nutrition every day is by having a fresh juice daily like a Green Juice. It will give you the foundation of nutrition you need for the day.

3.  Stay alkaline, when your body is acidic you crave more gluten.

4.  Fully implement The Earth Diet into your lifestyle, get the book and use all of the recipes that are gluten-free. There are delicious ones including Breakfast Cereal, Chocolate Brownies and Apple Crumble. 

5.  Use brown rice pasta instead of wheat pasta. It is delicious and you won’t even notice the difference! 

6.   Try gluten free pizza bases.

7.   Try gluten free bread, find a brand that you love so that you don’t feel like you are depriving yourself of bread. 

8.   Try gluten free brown rice burritos.

9.   For desserts, check out Earth Diet recipes that are all gluten free and really delicious like the Cashew Cheesecake, Almond Milk Ice Cream and Cookie Dough made with almond flour. Also eat raw chocolate.

10. For pie crusts use almond flour or TigerNut flour which is also nut free. 

11. When you find yourself craving gluten and need to fill up your gut, try making the Chia Seed Cereal recipe. It feels so comforting, chewy and bouncy much like gluten does in the tummy, but won’t leave you with bad side effects later. 

12. Make your own broth as many broths contain gluten. Use arrowroot flour as a thickener. 

13. If you want to drink beer, go for the Gluten Free beer. 

14. If you want to have soy sauce, choose the organic gluten free version. 

15. Remember there is a gluten free version of everything we crave! Even gummy bears – yes now we can eat organic gummy bears that are gluten free and corn syrup free, a major upgrade from conventional candy. 

16. Choose to eat real meat and make sure it is gluten free. Imitation meats contains high amounts of gluten. Conventional farms also feed their animals with feed that includes gluten. 

17. Make your own Ketchup using the recipe in my book! Conventional ketchup often contains gluten. 

18. Gluten is responsible for the elastic texture of dough however nowadays we have great alternatives that work. The Flax Egg Mixture recipe in my book works great, and so does ground up chia seeds. 

19. Eat whatever you are craving but make sure it is as natural as possible. Do not deprive yourself or you may end up binge eating later.

Gluten free does not mean eating cardboard, it means you get to focus on the most nourishing and tasty foods that Earth has to provide for us, naturally. And it doesn’t mean you have to give up gluten forever, just try it and I guarantee it you will want less or even no gluten in your life for the rest of your life once you start to feel so good! 

Are you with me for the challenge? Write to me in the comments and let me know! Let’s do this together! It helps to have a team of people and for people to hold you accountable. 

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Liana Werner-Gray is an advocate for natural healing using a healthy diet and lifestyle. After healing herself of many health conditions through embracing a natural lifestyle, she began lecturing and teaching about the Earth Diet internationally. Continue reading