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2 Beautiful Love Poems From Greek Poet Sappho

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2 Beautiful Love Poems From Greek Poet Sappho

Susan Lander Channels A Revered Ancient Spirit
Susan Lander
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Oct 29, 2015 at 01:15 PM

One of my favorite experiences while writing Conversations with History: Inspiration, Reflections and Advice from History-Makers and Celebrities on the Other Side was connecting with the spirit of the ancient Greek poet Sappho. As a psychic medium I've channeled many spirits, including the 22 famous spirits in this book, but I had never channeled poetry (or written poetry, for that matter). 

Also, I wouldn't call myself a romantic. But connecting with Sappho drew me effortlessly into her world that is completely guided and defined by love, until she had me believing that love is all that matters. It's not the world in which I usually live, but it was wonderful to visit!

Sappho was born around 610 B.C. on the island of Lesbos, which is in modern-day Greece, and died around 570 B.C. Sappho was a brilliant poet in her time. However, all that remains of her work today is one complete poem (“Hymn to Aphrodite”) and approximately 200 fragments of poetry—beautiful verses about passion and love. It is unknown whether these poems are autobiographical, but it was clear from connecting with her that she still has similar interests!

Her Message To You

"I would like to say hello to everyone in the modern world, pop my head up out of the ancient world and make my presence known once again. It has been a very long time since I interacted with the physical world but I am still very much alive! I am not very different from the woman I used to be. 

I would like to say, I want to give people hope. And to assure them, if they feel loveless, they are not! Love is all around you. In the birds and the flowers, the sun and the moon. Love is inside you now, all of you. You are made of it. I know it is hard to see sometimes but it is there, and it is indeed yours for the taking.

All my love to you, my most bountiful love."

What She's Up To On The Other Side 

"It’s fun, interesting and stimulating. I am part of a community of women here. I enjoy that. That is with whom I prefer to spend my time. I do continue to write poetry though, and plays and stories about my feelings. Some of my plays are produced for the public stage and that makes me feel good.

I have a special soul mate, but she and I are very free spirits. We come together from time to time when it suits us. I love her to the depths of my soul. She is the right hand to my left. We do not feel tied down though. That would not suit either of us. We are really sexual, sensual, emotional explorers, exploring the depths through our interactions with others. It is who we are. So we are good partners, steadfast but not limiting."

Sappho poems, 2500 Years Later

(For those with a broken heart, a journey in five parts)
O lover, with your skin so white
The purest alabaster
Delicate as the whitest lily that
Only opens its petals at night

Come to me, my love
Across fields full of lilies at night
The stars shining overhead 
Are witnesses to our love 
As bright as the sky.

O, the heart wants what it wants, 
Imagining its perfect mate.
Alas, it cannot be so
Yesterday's heart has lost its mate.

So imagine the new one
With the trepidation that replaces the longing for what was
With what is.
The lonely crying—
the mourning doves never sounded so sad!

But know that the heart wants to love
And a new love will blossom
Filling that void with its rapturous beauty.

Come to me, my love 
Across fields full of lilies 
And all looks new tonight.

* * * *

When Love Seems Lost To The Ethers

Does love cross that invisible barrier
When a loved one dies?
Passes, rather.

Yes! It is the soul that carries the love
Not the body.
And the love that we feel for another 
is eternal.

When I was on Earth, 
and I lost my love Atthis,
I wondered whether I would ever re-claim her,
bask in her special love once again.

Then I passed. 
And I learned that what I hoped for became real.
That love flies with you as your soul departs your body
In its winged flight to Paradise
And there wait your loves.

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