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2 Prayers You Can Use When You Are Overwhelmed

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2 Prayers You Can Use When You Are Overwhelmed

Sonia Choquette On Living Soulfully
Sonia  Choquette
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Sep 01, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Several years ago, I underwent a particularly challenging time, facing—only six weeks apart—the unexpected deaths of my brother and my father. And then, my marriage of 30 years imploded.

Bereft and filled with grief and anger, I got down on my knees and prayed for healing, as no other effort brought relief. What followed in answer to my prayers was the unexpected, intuitive guidance to walk—alone—the legendary Camino de Santiago, an 800-kilometer (500-mile) ancient pilgrimage over the Pyrenees and across Spain . . .

With prayer as my constant companion and greatest source of strength, I was able to complete this arduous journey . . . and with it heal a lifetime of emotional pain and heartache, as well as discover a deep and lasting peace in my heart.

More than any other moment in my entire life, I needed and asked for extra help in facing the challenges before me with endless prayers . . . all of which kept me grounded, comforted, and able to move through the difficulties before me with grace. At times, my only prayers were Help me, please, and Thank you. Thank you. Thank you in advance for answering my prayer. Those were enough. My prayers were heard and answered, many beyond my wildest dreams.

In the course of our lives, there come occasions when we’re all asked to grow on a soul level. These transitions can be very challenging, even frightening. These are the moments when we face sudden and unexpected changes—loss, death, betrayal, sickness, and more—or enter into what is known as the “dark night of the soul.” Life feels overwhelming and unsatisfying in a way we can no longer ignore, and we fall into despair, fearing that we have lost our way and may never find a happy and meaningful life again.

Such times set us on a spiritual journey inward in which we are compelled to review our way of seeing and doing things. It is an opportunity to examine ourselves, our relationships, and our actions—in both our work and personal lives—to see if we are living up to our fullest and most authentic potential as souls. If not, we must find the courage to make the changes necessary to come back into holy alignment with our true selves. These are the times when we are called to take responsibility for our lives and do whatever we must to recommit to living as fully conscious, content, purposeful spiritual adults.

The soul journey inward is when we are invited to cast aside beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve us and release all tendencies toward victimhood, stagnation, passivity, and self-destruction that keep us disempowered or cause frustration and suffering to ourselves and others. This is no easy task, and one in which we can use all the divine support possible to help us on our way. It is a time to pray.

In my new book Uplifting Prayers To Light Your Way I have a section called Enjoying the Journey. These prayers allow you to open up to new ways of being, doing, and experiencing yourself as a divine spirit and entering into a brand-new, far more congruent, uplifting, and authentic way of life. 

Feeling the Goodness of Life

Holy Mother-Father God, Divine Loving Light and Heart of the Universe

I humbly ask for the healing power of your grace to remove my resistance to happiness and peace. Please send in your angels to help me feel and embody the goodness of life, and use my talents to share it with others. I thank you in advance, with my whole heart and soul, for answering my prayer, and I confidently await these blessings this day.

Amen and with infinite gratitude.

Another section is called New Horizons, here the prayers are to help open your heart to love, recognizing and receiving all the love the Universe is showering upon you. You will raise your personal vibration and lead to a higher, unconditionally loving frequency.

Gratitude for Help Lifting the Darkness

Holy Mother-Father God, Divine Loving Light and Heart of the Universe

Thank you for lighting my way through the darkness and for keeping my heart open to your love and guidance. I feel your presence in my heart and in my bones, clearing and cleansing the old and making way for the new. I am grateful for your love.

Amen and with infinite gratitude.

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Sonia  Choquette
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