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2 Ways To Fast Track Your Soul Purpose

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2 Ways To Fast Track Your Soul Purpose

Rebecca Campbell Shares Simple Ways To Work Your Light
Rebecca Campbell
Rebecca Campbell More by this author
Jul 06, 2015 at 09:45 AM

For as long as I can remember, I was in a rush to grow up and get working on my Soul Purpose. When I was little my favorite question was, ‘Where are we going today?’ Even then I was searching for this thing that I knew I had to find. Eternally looking for the perfect black-and-white answer to the question, ‘What is my purpose?’

To be honest, the whole Soul Purpose thing stressed me out. It felt like a big decision to make, the type that hangs over you until you do it. But I was petrified that I might miss my life, or get it wrong. The deeper I got into my career, the more trapped I felt. I searched all corners of the world for the ‘perfect thing’ for me to do in order to play my part in leaving the world a little brighter with my presence.

Spending many years waiting around for a perfectly plotted out, single-minded plan to be miraculously revealed (in full) and land smack bang on my lap. And when I actually got pretty clear glimpses of what it could be, I longed for some external person to confirm that I had it right and to give me permission to get on with it.

I was so in my head… weighing up, pondering and questioning all the possible paths, petrified that I might choose the wrong one. I was stuck in inaction, waiting to be handed the map from the big G himself before I set off along my perfect path. I thought it was all about striving and doing, not being and embodying. Through my own disillusion, time wasting, and working with loads of women who feel the same I have come to the conclusion that our Soul Purpose comes down to two things:

1. Be The Light
To ‘be the light’ you need to follow the things that light you up, so you can show up in life filled up and whole. You don’t need a special job to ‘be the light’; in fact you don’t need any job at all. You can ‘be the light’ in the grocery store, you can ‘be the light’ while cooking dinner, you can ‘be the light‘ on the world’s most boring conference call, you can ‘be the light’ while updating your Facebook status, you can ‘be the light’ by being there for a friend or a stranger who needs a smile.

2. Be Authentically You
There is no perfect path, only a perfectly authentic You – full of contradictions, uniqueness and gifts. It is your You-ness that allows you truly to light up the world with your presence. Your You-ness is lifetimes in the making. It is your flaws, your quirks, your weirdness, your ancestral history, your gifts, your humor, and your imperfections. Your light and message will come through you regardless of what path you choose. Your authentic self emerges when you follow what lights you up, or in other words, when you do what you love. And then do it in a way that only you can. Our soul is always calling us towards what will light us up.

Our ego tries to trick us into thinking that it has to be more complicated. It cannot understand how it could be so simple as following what lights us up. But when we follow what we love over and over again, we stumble upon our calling without even realizing it. When we lose ourselves in the doing, we step out of the way and allow the light to flow through us. And it feels freaking fantastic.

I’ve spent years trying to work out what my purpose is. Trying to fit it into a perfect little box with a step-by-step plan before I would even consider taking the leap. I looked at my strengths, listed my gifts, tried to work out the message my soul wanted to share, but still I held back because I couldn’t see every single little step along the way.

I wanted to know the final destination before I took the first step. All of the possibilities, purposes and callings would toss and turn in my head, but I was not acting on any one of them. I was waiting by the phone for the Universe to call saying, ‘Hey guuuuurl, so this is your purpose.’

The amount of time I spent pondering whether I should be a writer, an actor, a life coach, a healer, an artist, a director, or a fashion designer is absolutely ridiculous. It doesn’t matter if I write books, bake cakes, make movies, design cowboy boots, or tap dance on a piano.

It doesn’t matter if I take photos, do speeches, run a country, teach kids, paint pictures, write comedy or host a TV show… As long as it lights me up, I will bring my own unique light to everything that I do. The only things that matters is doing the things that light you up over and over again and letting the light shine authentically through you.

Follow the trail of things that light you up and lose yourself in the doing. Before long you will find yourself right in the center of your purpose and the life you are called to live. To learn more tips for answering your soul's calling, watch my free video series.


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