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2 Ways To Harness The February Eclipses To Change Your Life

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2 Ways To Harness The February Eclipses To Change Your Life

Learn How To Make Life Changes With The Upcoming Twin Eclipse
Yasmin Boland
Yasmin Boland More by this author
Feb 26, 2017 at 05:15 AM

Every year brings with it a new round of eclipses – times when you can change your life for the better, more easily. During an eclipse season, anything can happen… and probably will.

This year, though, the eclipse energy is in short supply. There are only two months – February and August – when the heavens are going to pour down the eclipse energy, giving us the chance to get back in touch with our right and proper life path and purpose.

Here are the times of the second February eclipse:

New Moon Eclipse at 9° Pisces

SYDNEY: February 27, 1.58am

NEW YORK: February 26, 9.58am

LONDON: February 26, 2.58pm

Is Fewer Eclipses a Good Thing?

The maximum number of eclipses you can have in a year is seven. The minimum number is four, and that is what we have this year.

On the one hand, this is arguably a good thing. After all, eclipses are famous for heralding tumultuous times of change that we may or may not be ready for. Having the minimum number of eclipses could mean we will have the minimum amount of disruption.

On the other hand, it could also be said that it’s something of a shame that there are fewer eclipses this year, since they usher in excitement and change. In a way, having just four eclipses in 2017 raises the stakes and makes working with each of them more crucial.

Eclipses Are Harbingers of Change

Eclipses are harbingers of change. For that reason, they are very much worth tapping into.

Most astrologers view eclipses as amongst the most super-charged moments of the year. Sometimes they are the times when wonderful new situations seem to flow effortlessly into our lives. Other times, especially if we’re resisting change that we know deep down we really do need, they can even seem to force change.

Never Mind the Past – Here Come the Eclipses!

My favourite phrase for these natural phenomena is: ‘Never mind the past – here come the eclipses!’ This phrase is so apt. Eclipses can come in and create sweeping changes that take your breath away. Whatever happened in the past seems not to matter very much at all anymore.

Not every eclipse will affect everyone in the same way, but if and when they do, the chance for change is huge.

If an eclipse hits your chart:

·       A small lottery win can become a major one

·       A casual love affair can become a life-changing partnership

·       A bad love affair may suddenly end

·       An expected pay rise can become a sizeable promotion

·       An upset can lead to a rupture

·       A job you detest may suddenly be taken away from you


The Good News…

What happens at the time of an eclipse can be hard to take at the time but nearly always very clearly works out for the best.

For example, if you have spent months moaning about a job you can’t stand, the eclipse could see you suddenly looking for new work. This might seem like a bad thing at the time, but actually it’s freeing you up… to find work you love.

This is why it’s best to be really honest with yourself about what’s not working in your life and to take action before the eclipse, rather than leaving it for the eclipse to force your hand! What do you really need to release from your life? Do it gently and with good grace.

Eclipses happen when the Sun and the Moon – the two brightest lights in our skies – are perfectly aligned in configurations that happen so rarely. They are energetically super-charged times with awesome powers to set you back on the right path, if you have wandered off. If you only work on yourself and your destiny a couple of times a year, these are the times to connect with the cosmos.

Use the late February Eclipse Forgive and Move on



The New Moon eclipse is when you will start to create your future.

Use the New Moon and Solar Eclipse to Set Your Intentions

A New Moon eclipse, no matter what your Sun sign or your Rising sign, is the ideal time to make a new start of some kind. It’s a great time to launch something, to begin something new, be it a romance, job, venture or even just a new morning or evening routine or dietary regime.

What you start at the time of the New Moon eclipse is extra likely to succeed, especially if the other planets are auspiciously aligned, as they will be on February 26.

Note that this New Moon eclipse heralds even more chances than usual for change, as the planet of sudden turnarounds, Uranus, will be highlighted. Happily, as lucky Jupiter is too, nearly all changes will be positive.

The New Moon eclipse is also the ideal time to make wishes and commitments, and to set your intentions for the following six months until the next New Moon eclipse.

New Moon wishing is very simple. Here’s a quick ‘How to’ from my book Moonology:

•  Write down your top 10 wishes for the month.

•  Visualize and feel your wishes in your body. Write down an affirmation to support them.

•  Write down how you intend to work towards making each wish happen.

• Meditate, and then release attachment to your wishes by saying, ‘For the good of all or not at all!’ and/or ‘Om Namo Narayani’.

Do your wishing as close to just after the New Moon as you can. Afterwards, you can burn the list or keep it to refer back to later. If you want a free, more detailed New Moon wishes guide, visit

Yasmin Boland is a bestselling Hay House author. Her two latest books are Moonology and Astrology.

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