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20 Facts About Chris P. Bacon - America's Favorite Pig On Wheels

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20 Facts About Chris P. Bacon - America's Favorite Pig On Wheels

Fun Chris P Fan Trivia
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Nov 24, 2015 at 02:00 PM

Friends and fans of Chris P. Bacon, the Pig on Wheels, have watched him grow from the tiniest little piglet learning to roll on his first set of wheels, to a grown pig with a loving, adventurous nature. Can you believe it has been two years since his dad adopted him and made him a special cart? Let’s see how big a fan you are… can you answer 20 questions about Chris P.?

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1.    What is Chris P.’s favorite snack? Cheerios
2.    What is Chris P.’s favorite fruit? Grapes
3.    Who is Aspen the Border Collie? Chris P.’s best friend and partner in crime
4.    How did Chris P. become an uncle? Aspen had puppies
5.    Who is Chris P.’s dad? Len Lucero, DVM
6.    What does DVM stand for? Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
7.    How did Chris P. find his dad? He was brought to Dr. Len just after he was born because he was unable to use his back legs

Born on a farm in Florida weighing less than a pound, with a congenital deformity of his hind legs, Chris P. was brought to Dr. Len because his owner was not able to care for him. Dr. Len adopted Chris P. into his family of four legged friends, and brought him home. He was able to create a system of wheels for Chris P. and videotaped his first attempt to use it.

Teaching a 10 day old pig to use a customized wheelchair

8.      What was Chris P.’s first set of wheels made out of? Toy parts… K’Nex to be exact
9.      What was the name of Chris P.’s second book? (Hint: it’s a play on words concerning his wheels) How to Roll like Chris P. Bacon
10.    How did Chris P. become so popular? His dad’s YouTube video of his first time on wheels went viral
11.    Can you name some television shows Chris P. has been seen on? Anderson Live, ABC Action News, The Today show, and he’s been featured in shows on the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and PBS
12.    Chris P. has a favorite stuffed animal that he sleeps and travels with. What’s his name and animal type? Doinky is a yellow ducky
13.    When Chris P. is not in his wheel chair how does Dr. Len help him get around the farm? In a Red Radio Flyer Wagon
14.    Who is Duma? Dr. Len’s farm cat

How to Roll like Chris P. Bacon trailer

Dr. Len told, “He doesn’t think he’s a pig, much less handicapped. He thinks he’s a little human; if he had four legs, he would be a lap pig.” 

Chris P. wouldn’t have it any other way. He doesn’t know what it’s like to live with four working legs, and doesn’t feel like he’s missing out with only two. In fact, that’s why he’s so cool. In his second book he talks about being different, and how wonderful it is. Chris P. encourages everyone to celebrate that each one of us is “yoooo-neek,” as he puts it.

“You may not have your own wheels or feathers and a beak,
But I’ll bet you have something that makes you yoooo-neek.
Be proud of how you’re different and you will find out,
That loving your yoooo-neekness is what it’s all about!”

Chris P.’s great attitude and positive spirit are a helpful reminder to the children everywhere that anything is possible. He enjoys his job visiting children that are thriving with physical or mental disabilities, and only asks for hugs, grapes, and Cheerios in return. He hopes his story inspires and encourages children and adults everywhere.

Dr. Len has shared that “It feels so good to see those kids and how excited they are” to visit with Chris P. “It’s beautiful – he’s opened my eyes. He’s brought me awareness and inspired me to do things that I wouldn’t typically do.”

15.    What other books has Chris P. been featured in besides his own children’s book series? Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Eye-Popping Oddities
16.    Chris P. learned how to walk on his front legs without wheels when he was small. What did Dr. Len use to as motivation? An alternating pattern of green grapes and strawberries
17.    During the holidays Chris P. is featured on a variety of items for purchase. Can you name some of these? Christmas ornaments, plush toys, t-shirts, holiday cards, and calendars
18.    Chris P. has participated in fundraisers for many types of organizations. Name one. Animal shelters
19.    How many pounds of grapes does Chris P. eat in a week? 10lbs 
20.    What other furry four-legged friends live with Chris P. on Dr. Len’s Florida farm? Horses, goats, dogs, cats, chickens, and more

In his third book, Woo-hoo…Chris P. is 2!, he turns two years old and boy is he excited! He can’t wait for a day full of fun, friends, and family –with grapes and cheerios of course. Follow Chris P. on his big day, starting with his morning round on the farm, where he shares his contagious happiness with all of his friends. Watch him prepare for his big party, and join him in the celebration and see what his furry and human friends have to say about their favorite pig.

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