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3 Amazing Mindfulness Exercises To Transform Your Life

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3 Amazing Mindfulness Exercises To Transform Your Life

James Van Praagh Shares How To Become Fully Alive In The Moment
James  Van Praagh
James Van Praagh More by this author
Mar 10, 2015 at 03:15 PM

When I communicate with the Spirit Realms, they tell me how difficult it is for them to connect with the living. When I ask them why—because it seems to me that everyone is eager to receive their messages—they respond: “Here in Spirit, we refer to the living as the WALKING DEAD! They leave no room in their minds for us to come in. They are so busy obsessing about the past and worrying about the future that they are oblivious to what is happening in the moment, and so they completely miss the messages we are sending them about what really matters to the soul.”

What I have taken from these conversations is that to live life fully, we must live mindfully, which means being present and aware of each precious moment.

Mindfulness is the key to absorbing the lessons our soul was sent here to learn. But what exactly is mindfulness, and how can we make it a habit in our daily lives?

What is Mindfulness?

Webster defines mindfulness as “the practice of maintaining a nonjudgmental state of heightened or complete awareness of one's thoughts, emotions, or experiences on a moment-to-moment basis.” I think they hit on some important words here—nonjudgmental, complete awareness, moment-to-moment—but they don’t address the profound impact that mindfulness can have on your life, or how to remember to be mindful even as you’re rushing to catch that yellow light before it turns red.

To me, being mindful is like practicing meditation while at the same time moving around and engaging in your daily activities. You do everything you would normally do, but you experience each activity fully, with all five senses. You tune in to what you’re doing now, rather than focusing on what you did yesterday or what you’ll be doing next. You pay attention to your thoughts, your feelings and how the energy you put out to the world impacts others. And just like meditation, mindfulness is a simple practice that can transform every facet of your life and the lives of the people around you.

 Here are 3 powerful ways to incorporate mindfulness into your life now:

1. Experience the present moment with all five senses.

Make it a point to practice awareness throughout the day. As you walk, notice your feet touching and leaving the ground, gaze up at the sky, be aware of your breath and the movement of your arms. Or, notice how your hands grip the steering wheel when you drive, listen to the noise of the engine, and feel the wind in your hair. Slow down and give the process of getting from one place to another your full attention—rather than just mindlessly rushing to your next destination.

2. Be aware of how your words and actions impact others.

When you practice mindfulness, you connect with yourself, and that has a ripple effect on how you connect with the world around you. Every time you interact with another person, you send out energy. It’s important to be aware of how the energy you put out affects other people. Mindfulness involves paying attention to your own emotions as well as your behavior toward others, which makes you more likely to come from a place of kindness and compassion.

3. Allow your soul to learn its lessons.

No matter how mindful and balanced you are, things are bound to go wrong once in a while. Accept difficult people and situations for what they are—opportunities for growth. Instead of reacting with anger or frustration, ask yourself what lesson you are being taught right now. Get out of the habit of judgment—replace it with acceptance and compassion.

Don’t worry about being “perfectly mindful.”

Mindfulness is a state of acceptance, not judgment—don’t even attempt to give yourself a “mindfulness grade.” Be kind to yourself, and make mindfulness a habit every day by remembering to slow down and focus on the present moment with awareness and acceptance. Be aware of the world around you and the people you come into contact with, and you will find the peace of mindfulness transforming your life!

Mindfulness is a way of living life to the fullest. To learn more about how to make the most of your soul’s time on this earth, I invite you to join me for an Adventure of the Soul.  In this four-lesson Hay House course, I’ll lead you on a journey to explore the true nature of your soul as we uncover the lessons it was sent here to learn.

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