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3 Easy Ways to Undo Your Ego

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3 Easy Ways to Undo Your Ego

Reconnecting With Your Source
Gary R. Renard
Gary R. Renard More by this author
May 21, 2014 at 03:00 AM

I’d like to share a few helpful ideas about undoing the ego (the thought of separation from our Source and the idea that we could take on an individual existence or personal identity) and returning to our reality, which is exactly the same as our Source. I hope you'll employ these powerful tools to experience your reality, which is permanent, rather than just this world, which is temporary.   

Undo The Ego Gary Renard

1. Put the Holy Spirit In Charge: This simple act can be done in the morning in ten seconds. Say: “Holy Spirit, you be in charge. You direct my thoughts all day. If there’s no time for me to ask you what to think then I know you have promised that wisdom will be given me when I need it. What I do is just a result of what I think, and I trust you to Guide me.” This may seem simple, but it’s a lot more important than most people realize. When you put the Holy Spirit in charge of your day you are actually undoing the idea of separation, where if you do things on your own you are actually reinforcing the idea of separation without realizing it.

2. Practice the Original Form of Prayer: This is a meditation where you join with your Source and become one with God. Your eyes are closed and you attempt to join in perfect oneness with God. Real prayer is done silently. Words or thoughts are only used at the beginning to put yourself into a visualized state of mind where you’re ready to join with that which created you. Then for five minutes, join silently with God in your mind in a condition of love and gratitude. Do this twice a day. It puts your mind “in spirit”, which is what the word inspired means. Love and gratitude is a great place to be coming from, and leads to the kind of inspired ideas that can Guide you through life. It’s really the love that matters. The rest is just a natural after effect. 

3. Practice True Forgiveness: We forgive people not because they’ve really done something, which would make us victims. We forgive people because they haven’t really done anything, because we’re the ones who made them up in the first place. By overlooking our misperceptions and instead thinking of seemingly separate people as being what they really are, which is perfect spirit, we come to think of and experience ourselves that way. As A Course in Miracles says, “As you see him you will see yourself.” (Text, page 142) That is an irrefutable law of the mind. These things work, but only if you do them. Good luck and keep on forgiving! Watch below for my keynote speech at A Course in Miracles Conference in Ireland where I discuss more spiritual lesssons from my book, The Disappearance of The Universe. You can also hear me speak on day 7 of the Hay House World Summit

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