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3 Hidden Reasons Why Your Mind Is So Busy

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3 Hidden Reasons Why Your Mind Is So Busy

Simple Ways To Calm Your Mind
Sandy C. Newbigging
Sandy C. Newbigging More by this author
Mar 19, 2016 at 08:45 AM

Are you wondering why your mind is so busy?  I know your frustration. I’ve felt driven mad by my mind, too. With countless thoughts passing through my mind at a million miles per hour, I’ve tossed and turned through sleepless nights and found it nearly impossible to focus during work or play.

Motivated to make the move from mental chaos to mind calm and body calm, I’ve meditated for thousands of hours and observed the many people I’ve taught meditation to from around the world.  Quite unexpectedly, I’ve discovered a number of the more subtle hidden causes as to why so many people suffer from such busy minds.  I’m curious if you can relate to any of them. 

Hidden Reason 1 - The Judgment Game: 

Making sense of life is one of the mind’s jobs.  To do this, it plays what I call the Judgment Game to determine whether your life is good or bad, positive or negative, right or wrong, better or worse, then, if it deems something to be bad, negative, wrong or worse, you end up with what is commonly called a “problem.”

There’s a direct relationship between negatively judging life and the compulsion to overthink.  The mind loves to problem-solve and becomes highly active thinking about your problems and coming up with solutions. 

Hidden Reason 2 - The Resist Persist:

Joined at the hip of the Judgment Game is Resistance.  The mind tends to resist whatever it judges as problematic and resistance causes stress and negative emotions. Meaning how you feel is less to do with what happens, and more to do with whether you judge and resist what happens. 

Naturally, the mind wants to feel good so whenever you notice “negative” energy, it feels compelled to figure out how to make the bad feelings go away. Copious amounts of thoughts are the by-product of resistance.

Hidden Reason 3 - The Attach Catch:

Attachment happens whenever you believe that being, doing or having x, y or z will make you happier, more peaceful, loved, safe or successful. Being attached makes you move away from wanting things to believing that you need them to be okay. 

Attachment is based upon the illusion that you can’t feel good now without fixing, changing or improving your body or life first. When attached, you end up caught up in your busy mind that’s trying to improve your life so that you can eventually feel good.  All the time, missing all the beauty and abundance already present in your life that, if focused on, can make you feel great now.

4 Quick Ways to Enjoy Mind Calm

  1. See the judgments happening in your mind, don’t be the judger
  2. Remove reactive resistance so that you are in harmony with “what is”
  3. Desire things, but don’t need them to be happy.  Let your life be good enough, exactly as it is
  4. Be fully attentive to now so you don’t need the future to fulfill you.

Watch this video to see me explain the hidden causes and what you can do to enjoy more Mind Calm now.


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Sandy C. Newbigging
Sandy Newbigging is the creator and award-winning trainer of Mind Calm Meditation and the Mind Detox Method and the bestselling author of Thunk! and Heal the Hidden Cause. Sandy trains practitioners in his methods via his acade Continue reading