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3 Lessons To Learn From Spring

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3 Lessons To Learn From Spring

Gerry Gavin Channels The Angel Margaret
Gerry  Gavin
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Apr 06, 2016 at 01:00 PM

Gerry Gavin is the Author of “If You Could Talk to an Angel” and “Messages from Margaret.”  He hosts a weekly radio show on Hay House Radio, where he channels the angel Margaret, bringing down-to-earth angelic advice to the world. Here is this month's life changing advice for the readers of

Hello Dear Ones and Welcome,

April is a beautiful month of transition, which for many of you ushers in the Spring and the rebirth of nature all around you.  But even if you do not live in a part of the world in which this is happening at this time – this month can still serve to guide you into a period of personal rebirth, growth, and flowering into those things that you most desire! 

One of the things that first attracted Gerry to the world of Shamanism was that it drew so much of its knowledge by learning from, and having a deep reverence for, nature. Most humans, at this current place in your creation of time, do not feel this same connection to the earth.

If I were to ask you to tell me about yourself you would likely not say that you are an earth being.  More likely you would say something like I am a farmer from Zimbabwe, a student from Moscow, a textile worker from Beijing, or a financial analyst from New York City.  You identify yourself by what you do and where your house or apartment is – but have little connection to the actual planet that you need for your very survival!

So with that in mind, I would like to offer you some suggestions as to how you can learn from this planet and all the varied lives that inhabit it – and in so doing experience your own rebirth!  

1.    April Showers Bring May Flowers! (Or any other month for that matter)

What many consider to be adverse weather conditions are actually the very way that nature nourishes the planet. Snows and rains provide water that supports the life and growth of all living things.

The same can be said for the experiences in your life. Sometimes you may experience some “rain” in your life. You may encounter situations that seem to be adverse to your desires – and that might make you feel that things are working against you, or perhaps you are doing something wrong and attracting an opposite energy to you. 

But most of the time the energy that might seem to be the polar opposite of what you desire is actually coming to you so that the momentum will swing you energetically back into an equally powerful great experience and finally bring you to a place of balance.  Think for a moment about when you were a child and playing on a see-saw or teeter-totter. One of you would push yourself skyward and the other would do the same when you came down.  

But if you were of equal weight you could actually both push up and keep yourself balanced off the ground.  The key here is that you had to be of equal weight and that is the same with your experiences. If you give too much “weight” to the rain that comes into your life it is as though you are allowing that energy to create a “flood” of emotion rather than just recognizing that it is just the teeter-totter swinging momentarily in the opposite direction. 

If you don’t weigh yourself down in your worries you will always be able to find balance and push yourself higher towards the sky. Just remember that the “showers” that come into your life are nourishing you to appreciate and call back the good times!

2.    The Greater the Wind in Your Face, The Faster Forward You Are Moving:  

Have you ever been riding in a car with a dog with the windows open?  If you have, you would know that they love to stick their heads out the window – no matter what the speed of your car.  

The reason for that is that dog’s love the feeling of wind in their face.  The faster they run, the greater the wind – and in your fast moving car, your dog imagines itself running at speeds it never imagined possible! Rather than feeling the resistance in their face as an obstacle – they celebrate it with joy and abandon.  It is the same for those who love fast moving rides and roller-coasters, or bungee jumpers or sky-divers.  

The fact is that the wind in your face is just like any other form of resistant (and invisible) energy.  You have a choice as to how you are going to respond to it. You can either distress over the resistance – or maybe do your best to fight against it; or you can embrace it and actually realize that there can be no energy of resistance – unless you first have some force of momentum! So when you are experiencing resistance – be happy! 

That means that the greater the wind, the greater the forward movement you experience! You can resist the resistance – but that just creates more resistance. Or you can embrace the resistance by putting your face out the window and imagining that you are running towards that which you desire faster than you ever imagined! 

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3.    Fly Like A Butterfly, and Be Like a Bee:  

If you are ever looking for an example of nature’s amazing power of transformation, look no further than the butterfly. It begins its life as an egg, then evolves into a caterpillar. It crawls along leaves, trees or on the ground – competing with all other ground and tree creatures for food - climbing slowly to find a place where it will be able to weave itself an individual personal space, where it can re-invent, re-configure and re-create itself into an entirely new creature.

 A creature that has transformed itself and now can fly to new heights – with beauty and grace – while searching for nature’s sweet nectar.  Humans can learn from this process.  All of you are doing the very same thing. Part of your life you may struggle just to find shelter to protect you and your family and to put food on the table.  

You may sometimes feel that you will always have this type of life – just crawling along.  But then when you take the time to slow down and count your current blessings – you discover that you are not only divinely assisted, you may even come to the realization that you are divine yourself!  And that realization will help you to fly higher than you ever imagined you could.  

Or you might look at the example of the bee.  Around the world there are great concerns over the reduction of the population of bees. These industrious creatures are responsible for the pollination of most of the flowers and food products that mankind consumes. They do all this work without the concept of it being work. It is just a part of what comes naturally to them – a part of their very “bee-ing.”  In fact, most creatures on your planet are very good at being in the moment.

It is only humans who worry about the future or dwell in the past. This is so curious because you do not refer to yourself as human “thinkings,” or human “worry-ings,” or human “stressing,” or even human “doings!” You call yourself human “beings” and being in the moment – and celebrating all that the moment is bringing you - is actually the key to creating more of those moments! 

Bee in the moment…spread your wings like a butterfly…embrace the resistance and remember that life is like a teeter-totter and everything balances out in the end – so enjoy the ride!

All my love,  Margaret

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Gerry  Gavin
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