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3 Principles That Can Give You True Emotional Freedom

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3 Principles That Can Give You True Emotional Freedom

Take Back Control Of Your Emotions With These Tips From Sandy Newbigging
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Mar 02, 2017 at 09:00 AM

Whether it’s getting angry at someone pushing in to the line at the store or getting teary-eyed while watching the evening news, it’s sometimes easy to feel like we’re slaves to our emotions. In fact I’ll bet that sometimes, in your blackest moods, you’ve wished that you didn’t have any emotions at all.

But that’s not the solution! The real key to a happy life is to learn how to observe our emotions and examine the connection between the emotions we’re feeling and our experience of reality. And in this short video (3:41), Mind Calm author Sandy Newbigging shares three tips to help you do just that:

See? It’s all a question of perspective!

Another important tool for attaining emotional freedom is Sandy’s new Calm Cure technique, which he’s written a book about (and which will be released later in the year). But he’s exclusively premiering the technique at Hay House Ignite 2017, which is taking place in London on March 18th. So if you’d like to work in person with Sandy and attain a state of true peace, book your ticket now via the banner below.

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