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3 Signs Your Angels Are Near

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3 Signs Your Angels Are Near

Deborah King On How To Connect With Your Celestial Guides
Deborah  King
Deborah King More by this author
Jan 07, 2016 at 08:45 AM

Looking ahead to the bright clean slate of a new year, do you wonder how best to nourish your spirit in 2016? Are you dreaming of good health, joy and happiness, higher and greater love, and more fulfilling work? Are you looking forward to more frequent contact with your angels? As an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I am here to tell you that the hopes and promises of a new year all begin with you. They start with your efforts to awaken and tune in to the Source of infinite love that surrounds you. Will this be your year to expand your consciousness, grow your awareness and open your heart to the wisdom, peace, and healing power of the Infinite? 

If you’ve been hoping for heavenly guidance but aren’t sure your prayers are getting through, ask yourself if you have done all you can to be a good receiver.  From my experience, I can tell you that the Infinite is right there waiting for your call. Have you truly asked for the guidance you seek and trusted that it would arrive? Have you created faithful practices of meditation, journaling, prayer, and immersing yourself in the beauty of nature? Have you studied and trained to enhance your communication with the Divine? When you strive to awaken and tune in, you’ll find angelic messages of unconditional love have been there all along.

Have you been open to the wisdom and healing available from your angels? Have you been open to noticing and recognizing signs from your angels?

Here are 3 ways your angels make their presence known:

1.    You find a feather in your path.  Ancient artists depicted angels as beings with wings to symbolize their ability to travel back and forth between heaven and earth, and angels themselves have embraced this idea, so feathers have come to be one of their most prevalent signs. Feathers can serve as angelic signatures, especially when you see feathers where they wouldn’t normally be. If you see a feather, particularly a pure clean white feather, it is likely a message from your angels.

2.    You suddenly hear beautiful choral music or a meaningful song begins to play. The songs of the heavenly choirs are almost indescribable—light and beautiful and resonant. So gorgeous and full of love they bring you to tears. When you hear the music of the angels, you will know. Angels may also send you messages or advice through human songs. Have you ever heard the same song five or six times in the same day in different places or have a song suddenly begin to play in your head? Listen to the lyrics! It is likely your angels giving you a sign.

3.    You feel a strange physical sensation.  Your body can tell you a lot when you pay attention, including when an angel is present. Because angels exist on a higher plane they can be near you without you seeing them at all—but your energy field and body will pick up on those higher vibrations. The most common physical sensation is a feeling of warmth or a tingling. You may also have goose bumps or feel a small amount of pressure in your head or back of the neck. 

There are many more angel signs, including sparkling light, rainbows, scents, and feelings of peace and knowing. You can increase the frequency of signs from heaven and your ability to connect to your celestial guides and cultivate relationships with your angels by walking the path of light. A daily practice of meditation, processing your emotions, and keeping your chakras clear are all important. They expand your awareness and raise your vibration, making it easier to communicate with heaven.

To find out more about angel signs and how to call on your angels for any type of help at any time, please check out my six-part live online healing and ascension course, Angels of Energy Healing, where you will learn how to access the healing energy of angels, and experience the life-changing power of unconditional love. 



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Deborah  King
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