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3 Steps To A Spiritual Detox

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3 Steps To A Spiritual Detox

Spring-Cleaning For The Soul With James Van Praagh
James  Van Praagh
James Van Praagh More by this author
Mar 08, 2016 at 09:00 AM

I love a good spring-cleaning! As soon as the sun starts to linger in the sky and the first blooms appear in my garden, I look forward to sweeping out old debris, getting rid of clutter, and opening my windows wide to let the fresh breeze come through. I even burn sage to purify the energy around me. Clearing my living space of clutter, stale air and negative energy makes me feel great – but there’s a cleansing ritual that’s even more powerful! 

My book, Adventures For Your Soul, has recently been released in paperback format.

This year, along with clearing out your physical space, I encourage you to hit the “reset button” with a Spiritual Detox. It’s like spring-cleaning for the soul! 

Try these three steps – you’ll feel lighter and happier – and with all the “old stuff” cleared out, you’ll have room for the beautiful things Spirit has in store for you.

Step 1:

Raising Your Awareness

Change starts with awareness. Before you can release what’s holding you back, first get in touch with your true self. Take a moment to think about your life. Are you so busy racing from one activity or obligation to another that you can’t hear the voice of your own intuition?  

Here are some ways to slow down and bring yourself to a state of mindfulness and awareness: 

- Meditate for 15 minutes every morning - it’s the best way I know to reduce the distracting chatter and let mindfulness and peace in.  
-  Ground yourself! Connect to the earth energy by lying in the grass, walking on the beach or in the woods, or digging in your garden. 
- Write in a journal. Practice free form writing for a few minutes every day. Don’t pay attention to grammar or spelling – just put pen to paper and let your feelings flow.
- Do one thing at a time, mindfully. Any activity can be an exercise in mindfulness if you give it 100% of your attention. Slow down and focus all five senses on folding laundry, caring for a child or pet, even having a shower. 

Practice one or more of these techniques for a few days as you prepare yourself for step 2 of your spiritual Detox.

Step 2:

Letting Go

Now it’s time to clear out the old emotions, patterns and relationships that are holding you back. A little honest self-evaluation is required here: 

- Identify repeating patterns in your life – financial woes that crop up again and again, issues at work that follow you from job to job, the same destructive personality types showing up in romantic relationships.  

- Think about specific people or situations that cause you to feel emotions like anger, jealousy and insecurity. 

- Make a list of people and events in your past that you harbor resentment against. 

Once you’ve done some soul searching, sit with what you have uncovered.  Acknowledge the mistakes you have made, as well as the choices other people have made that have hurt you – then let them go. Forgive yourself and others, for your own sake. 

If there is a situation or a relationship that is not serving you, give yourself permission to end it. You are not on this earth to live someone else’s life.  Cutting ties to toxic people, familiar behavior patterns, even old resentments and beliefs can be scary – but by letting go of them you make room for what you want in life. 

Step 3:

Attracting The New

You’ve done the hard work, and Step 3 is the fun part! As you begin to release what’s been holding you back, you are ready to fill in the spaces with love and light. Here’s how to attract it: 

- Consciously give thanks for the good things you have. Gratitude for what gives you joy attracts more of the same. Seek out positive people, beautiful new experiences, good books, soul-nourishing music and art and be aware of the way that they make your feel! 

- Visualize your ideal life. Your thoughts have power. See yourself as a beautiful, happy and successful person. Use positive affirmations, vision boards, inspiring books and movies to help you be the best you can be. 
- Take action! Create positive new habits. Do something that makes you proud. Rescue a pet, start an exercise routine, or volunteer to help others who are less fortunate. 

This three step process will help you head into spring feeling lighter after letting go of what no longer serves you- with a new awareness of what is, and a vision of what can be! Take advantage of this time to refresh your living space and your soul! 

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