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3 Ways The Truth Will Set You Free

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3 Ways The Truth Will Set You Free

Clearing And Releasing Negativity
Deborah  King
Deborah King More by this author
Nov 12, 2014 at 08:15 AM

When I first began my journey toward becoming a spiritual teacher and energy healer thirty years ago, it began with telling the truth. I was diagnosed with cancer in my twenties, which was a real wake-up call, and forced me to start examining my behaviors and habits, my thoughts and inner beliefs, and some repressed emotions. I had a spontaneous remission from the cancer on the table of an energy healer, but that was only the first step. It took years of processing past traumas and delving into the deepest parts of myself to discover and process the truths that had been buried for so long. Energy healing first cured my cancer, and then it gave me the gift of living a full, authentic life by allowing me the safe space to discover my truth and the courage to present my true self to the world.

After the cancer was eradicated, I was so amazed and intrigued by what had happened I decided I wanted to learn everything there was to know about energy healing. I began using the money I made as a high-powered attorney to travel the world, studying at the feet of seers, mystics, and shamans to develop my own healing skills so I could do for others what that energy healer had done for me. Little did I know then that as you begin training in energy medicine, even if the goal is to heal others, you cannot help but be healed yourself first.

Truth Heals

One of the major tenants of energy healing is learning to express your truth and live an authentic life. Even the little tiny lies you tell others, or yourself, can create little pockets of darkness in your field and cause problems with your energy flow and consequently, your ability to be happy and healthy. Admitting your deepest truths clears those seeds of negativity before they have a chance to grow, and allows the light you were born to express shine through. Coming to terms with your inner self—your higher self—literally sets you free to live the life your soul planned for you on this earth, the life you were meant to live.
Finding your true self and expressing that self to the world is incredibly freeing. When I finally let go of all the old feelings and negativity in my field and body left over from years of traumatic abuse, it was like a weight had literally been lifted off my body. I felt lighter, freer, happier, and more in tune with the universe. I promise, you will, too.

Here’s how:
1. Become the real you.

In order to live as a light bearer, you must present the real you to the world, which means you must first discover the real you! The best way to begin the process of finding your authentic self is to consider your values, your beliefs, and your genuine desires. What do you value in your life? A partner, community, career, truth, kindness, or being of service? How can you increase those values in your everyday activities? What do you believe now? Are there old beliefs you’ve held over from your parents or teachers that are no longer serving you?
Ask yourself if there are areas in your life that don’t feel “right,” that don’t resonate with you on a soul level. Is your career something your parents wanted, but you are not passionate about? Is there a piece of yourself you feel you can’t reveal to your spouse or friends? Is there a secret you are keeping from your family or yourself? This process of discovery can take some time, as your patterns of behavior and your belief systems have been set in place for years, so be gentle with yourself as you uncover the real you. Meditation and energy healing courses are invaluable for facilitating this process, especially if you find it difficult to attempt on your own.

2. Clear and release negativity.
I bet that there is at least one time each day that you do not say something you would like to out of fear. Perhaps it’s the fear of confronting a boss or relative, or the fear of being rejected, or the fear of sounding stupid. But each of those little silences creates a tiny cloud that shadows the light inside you. If you don’t purge these little clouds of darkness, they grow and connect with each other and eventually become a big dark spot that can actually block your chakras and the flow of energy into your energy field. In my energy healing courses and workshops, I always encourage students to express their true emotions each day by journaling, or talking them out with a trusted friend or advisor, or even just speaking them aloud to an empty room. However you express your emotions, the point is to get them out of your body and field, to release them so they can’t suppress the light within.

3. Empower your intuition.
Intuition—the feeling of knowing something, or a “gut” feeling—actually comes from your higher self and your spirit guides, so it is the most trustworthy guidance you can get. When you live your truths, you are in alignment with your soul and your higher self, which boosts your intuition and gives you knowledge that will help you on your spirit journey. When you are presented with decisions that seem difficult, having an increased intuition will help you choose the path that is best for you, that is in line with your truths and not someone else’s. Listening to your intuition also creates a circle of authenticity: each time you act genuinely and in line with your true self, your intuition grows, which allows you to act even more authentically the next time.
To learn more about how truth can heal you and set you free, please check out my book, Truth Heals, and my LifeForce Energy Healing Online Course, both of which teach you how to become the real you by healing yourself from the inside out, as well as heal others!

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Deborah  King
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