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3 Ways To Be Happier And More Independent

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3 Ways To Be Happier And More Independent

Margaret Has A Wonderful Message For July
Gerry  Gavin
Gerry Gavin More by this author
Jul 06, 2016 at 03:30 PM

Editor's note: Below is a message from the angel Margaret channeled by Hay House author Gerry Gavin. 

Hello Dear Ones and Welcome.

I am so happy to have this opportunity to speak with you each month and to offer some ideas as to how you might be able to better bring the experiences of the month into alignment with your desire to experience the greatest joy possible.  July is a very special month in the United States, where Gerry lives, because the country celebrates the anniversary of its declaration of independence from Great Britain.  Often, in the course of human history certain acts repeat themselves – and in the recent “Brexit” vote the people again staged a type of a revolt to declare their independent thought from their government policies.  

But independence is more than just your relationship to the country that governs you, or a sense of rebelliousness.   It derived from the Greek word “autonomia” which meant living by self direction – or one’s own laws.  But I think my favorite definition for the word came up in Old English usage in around the 1600’s and further clarified it to mean, “not dependent on something else," or "unbiased, set up so as to be unaffected by outside influence."  These, to me, are the true definition of independence when we look at it with regard to the function of your soul.

When you incarnate, you are already a fully autonomous individual – and there is no one else in the world exactly like you!  You are not bound by any rules or strict ideas of “acceptable group behavior.” To prove that theory,  just consider the number of things that babies try to put into their mouths! They seek to experience everything with every sense – even taste!  While clearly they are totally dependent on other people for their survival, they are not driven by the concept of dependence.

They are driven by the concept of joy: a soothing voice; a full belly and a dry bottom.  It is only over time that they move from this concept of self-direction, to that of being a person who seeks the approval of outside influences.  

Now I am not saying this to suggest that all of you should do whatever you want (although, in truth, that IS what all of you are doing, because you make all of your own decisions) but rather I am just pointing out that when you were babies, and closest to the essence of your soul – even though your life totally depends on others – that is the time that you best acted upon your truly unbiased and totally independent nature. 

So how do you get back to that person? How do you declare your personal independence while still living within families, relationships, businesses, societies and religious belief systems?  The answer is much simpler than you might imagine – seek joy! And how does one seek joy?  I would suggest doing the following three things!

1.    Notice what does NOT make you happy.

The entire reason that you decided to incarnate into this physical human existence was that it gave you all the information that you needed to be happy.  You can tell when you are happy and you can tell when you are not.  Write down a list of all of those things that make you happy.  Then notice and please note that I am suggesting to notice – not to dwell upon- the things that make you the opposite of happy.  In the condition of un-happiness, one finds the seeds to happiness.  That is the only reason that you experience un-happiness – to give you clues as to what does make you happy! 

2.    Honestly assess how you are contributing to your own un-happiness.  

Very often when one lives in a society where most people seem to be unhappy and most conversation centers around that unhappiness,  it is easy to get caught up in that movement.  If you are someone who shows up for work happy, has no complaints about your boss, your job, your pay or your family – it is likely you do not have much in common with your co-workers – but you also are not contributing to the Un-Happiness Insurance Plan, that insures that the unhappy thoughts you focus on today will draw more unhappiness to you in the days to come.  

Remember that what you focus on is what you attract – so focus on joyful things!  Make a list of your favorite songs, movies, TV shows, past experiences with loved ones…the list of past things that have made you happy – and you can re-live in your thoughts and conversations is endless – and that contributes to your Happiness Insurance Fund!

3.    Celebrate your independence!  

Remember that to be independent it means to be “unbiased, set up so as to be unaffected by outside influence.”  So those who are the most filled with joy, and thus free of the tyranny of un-happiness, look upon others with unbiased eyes.  They see the necessity of all belief systems – even when they to not subscribe to all of them – because they help you to establish your true beliefs.  

Does it serve your joy to turn away fun experiences with a good friend because they have different political or religious views from you?  It is just a fact of life that not everyone is going to believe the same things as you. Give them that freedom and they will do the same for you!  

The opposite of your joy is showing you what not to be so that you can be joyous – and if you are being controlled by outside influence then begin to manifest your independence with the phrase – “why is it so easy for me draw to me the circumstances where I can be truly independent, self directed and out of the influence of those who do not support my happiness!”   Ask for your angels to help you in communicating your needs for your own personal joy as well. We will always help when called upon!

Happy Independence Life Dear Ones!

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Gerry  Gavin
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