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3 Ways To Connect With Your Loved Ones On The Other Side

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3 Ways To Connect With Your Loved Ones On The Other Side

Debbie Ford Sends A Message To Her Sister
Arielle  Ford
Arielle Ford More by this author
Dec 08, 2014 at 10:30 AM

Nearly two years ago, I sat with my dying sister, fellow Hay House author Debbie Ford, who was reminiscing about her life. Debbie said that she fulfilled her mission, dedicating her life to teaching her groundbreaking work on “the shadow.” Along with raising her son, Debbie’s work was her greatest passion and focus. Her only regret, Debbie said, was missing out on experiencing a soaring, passionate soulmate love. In my new book, Love On The Other Side, I explore romantic love and soulmates and how that love continues beyond death and I also share what my sister Debbie discovered once she got to the Other Side.

photo credit: Doug Ellis
Image photo credit: Doug Ellis

The following is an excerpt from the book about how you can ask for heavenly help from your deceased loved ones. As a special holiday gift for the community, I am offering a free download of my book, Love on the Other Side which you can get here.

 How do you place a request for assistance from your loved ones on the other side?

There are many ways to reach out to them:

1. Simply speak out loud to them.

2. Write them a letter and put it under your pillow or insert the letter into a red or pink helium balloon and literally release it to heaven.

3. Say daily prayers of gratitude and affirmation thanking them for their assistance.

I have found with my sister Debbie Ford that somehow she can hear my thoughts! Debbie transitioned on February 17, 2013 and later that year on her birthday, October 1, 2013, Debbie’s close friend, James Van Praagh, did a Skype session with me and Mom

so we could talk to Debbie. One of the first things Debbie acknowledged was that I had her necklace around my neck and Mom was wearing her watch. Then she said to me, “Don’t get your eyes done.”

Just that morning I had been looking in the mirror at the bags under my eyes, thinking it might be time for a visit to a plastic surgeon. I never even said it out loud to anyone! Now, with this clear message from my sister, I have decided to learn to love my puffy undereyes!

Here’s the bottomline:
Your loved ones on the other side want to participate in your life. They want you to be happy, satisfied and content, and it is my understanding that they won’t make things happen or interfere with your life unless you ask.

There are so many ways they can send us signs and symbols. If I see butterflies, I know my sister is here. If I see hummingbirds, it’s my step-father Doc. Coming across a ladybug is a sure sign my Aunt Pearl is hanging around and rainbows are always showing me that my father, Harvey, is nearby.

One friend says that whenever her kids find pennies on the ground, they know it’s a gift from their Dad in heaven.

Bottomline: Just ask!


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