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3 Ways To Get Inspired

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3 Ways To Get Inspired

Supercoach Michael Neill On Finding Your Joy
Michael  Neill
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Mar 16, 2016 at 09:00 AM

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What is inspiration and how can it make me come alive? How do you know when you’re listening to the voice of your inspiration and navigating by joy?

My own definition of inspiration is a bit more prosaic but hopefully a bit more practical: “Inspiration is caffeine for the soul.”

The only question you need to ask to begin turning up the volume on the voice of inspiration in your own life is this: “What would I love to do right now?” If that seems like a startling question in the context of an almost religious-sounding idea, it’s only because it’s so unfamiliar. Yet the rewards of asking and answering that simple question on an ongoing basis are phenomenal and life changing.

How about this question: “How would I love to be right now?” Or this one: “What would I love to make my life about today?” Whenever you find yourself caught up in suffering or despair, you can be sure that you’re out of sync with your own best interests, doing what you think you should or have to do rather than what would be uniquely right for you. On the other hand, each and every time you take the time to check in with the compass of your own joy, you are reorienting your life toward an ongoing experience of happiness, joy, and well-being.

1. You are doing what you love and want to do
I remember sharing the idea of living an inspired life with a minister who had come along on one of my Coaching Mastery trainings in order to gain new skills for helping his parishioners. I could see that he was uncomfortable with the idea, so I asked him a simple question: “Do you think God wants you to be unhappy?”

He said, “No, but I do think God wants me to be willing to sacrifice some of my own wants if that would be for the greater good.”

I then asked him this: “If you knew that by giving up some of your own comforts you could benefit mankind, would you want to do that?”

“It would be an honor to do that,” the minister replied, looking inspired.

“Then when you sacrifice your desires,” I continued, “you are doing what you love and want to do in that moment.”

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2. You feel guided
One of the ways to feel guided is by noticing the synchronicities and serendipitous coincidences that begin to happen when you are following your wanting and joy. My most humorous experience of this came when I was walking through a bookstore, hoping to gain some insight into a challenge I was facing with a client. Before I could get to the self-help section, I brushed against one of the shelves and a book literally fell on my head. When I picked the book up off the floor, the title was God Winks: A Guide to Coincidence in our Lives. I opened it up to a random page and sure enough, there was the answer to my question.

While not all coincidences are that dramatic, most people have had the sense of certain parts of their life having been guided, where all they had to do was listen to the whispers and the next step magically appeared.

3. Things seem to unfold as if by design
There is an old story about a monk who teaches his followers that enlightenment is really just a “happy accident.” When one of his students asks him why then they have to engage in so much disciplined meditation and practice, the monk replies, “To become more accident-prone.”

The same is true of your quest for happy success. The more disciplined you are willing to be in doing what you love (and not doing what you don’t), the more “happy accidents” you will begin to experience. When you are really following your inspiration and navigating by joy, your success seems almost effortless. It’s not that you are not doing anything; it’s just that you are no longer struggling to “make” things happen.

If you’re ever not sure whether you’re hearing the voice of inspiration or “that voice inside your head,” use this simple guideline: The still, small voice within doesn’t think you suck. 

You can get the ebook version of my book, You Can Have What You Want for $2.99 for a limited time.

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