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3 Ways To Really Get To Know Yourself

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3 Ways To Really Get To Know Yourself

Simple Ways To Become A More "August" Person
Gerry  Gavin
Gerry Gavin More by this author
Aug 03, 2016 at 01:45 PM

Below is a channeled message from the angel Margaret: 

Hello Dear Ones and Welcome,

Often when I am delivering my monthly message on the Hay House Radio Program “Messages from Margaret,” I point out that many of the names of the months of the year are words that also have other meanings – such as May and March.  August is no exception.  When you speak of someone being an “august” person, you are referring to their being inspiring, dignified or admirable person.  

Essentially you are describing traits that you truly value in that person – and perhaps even would aspire to have for yourself.  Essentially, their actions inspire a sense of “awe” that blow like gentle gusts of loving, confident winds upon all they touch.   I feel that this is really how you created the word awe-gust!

But being an august person is not something that someone is born into.  It is a state of being that one becomes relative to the lifestyle and belief system that a person lives by.  Essentially it is “walking the walk” of what you believe rather than “talking the talk,” of what you believe.  And realize too that it does not mean simply being successful or wealthy.  Some might affect the airs of dignity through success or wealth, but how they interact with others – and the level of loving energy that they share with the world is what makes them truly August. 

In  If You Could Talk To An Angel, Margaret answers many of life's burning questions.

Becoming an august individual starts with having a true sense of value for all of life.  Once that is in place then you begin to see that everyone and everything around you has its own very special qualities.  Life, in general, begins to have the ability to inspire you and you begin to see that there are admirable qualities in all people and a certain dignity in their uniqueness.  To be august is to be non-judgmental. To be august is to be compassionate.  To be august is to be kind! 

So how fitting that August happens to be the month of most of the days of the “44 Days of Kindness!”  What better way to develop your skills at becoming august but focusing on something kind that you can do for another every day.  And how perfect that August 22nd would be National “Be An Angel” day – for it is our desire as angels to help all of you to see each other through the eyes of your august souls – not the fear of your limited thoughts!

So let us look at three ways that you might begin to develop your skills at becoming the august person that you would like to associate with.  There are many more ways, of course, but I think that these three are a wonderful way to begin.

1.    Make a list of the people you most admire – and why!  

The people that are generally most admired are the ones who always seem to have the time for others; the ones that always there for you; the ones who, despite the time they put into family , church or charity, always seem to have time for fun and always exude a positive attitude.  They love learning new things – and listen to the ideas and stories of everyone – even children.  They may complain at times about a problem in their life, or a shortcoming in themselves – but they do not invest time in gossip or criticism.   Once you have completed this list flip over your paper and dig a little deeper –

2.    Make a list of people who you know admire you – and why!  

You all have someone in your life that admires you – especially if you are someone who is always being called upon for advice.  People would not ask your opinion if you were not held in their admiration.  Think of who some of those people might be – then consider what it is about you that cause them to like you, or to seek out your counsel.  Make a list of those qualities – and if you are not sure what they like about you – ask them!  

I know it is not a usual thing to do, but if you approach the people in your life with a request to help you to be a better person – people will respond! They have nothing to lose.  Ask what qualities about you they most like – and what could you do to become a better son/daughter; husband/wife;  father/mother;  friend or coworker.  You might feel some resistance in the beginning,  but you can explain to them that businesses do this all the time to help their companies answer consumer needs and grow market share.  In your case you are looking to answer the needs of your friends, family and community.  This is a great place to begin.

3.    Imagine How you will be Remembered When you die!  

There is a wonderful chapter in the book “7 Habits of Highly Successful People,” by the late Steven Covey, that suggests that you look a few years into the future and write your own eulogy – as you would hope it to be.  At this service there is someone who comes up to speak about you from your family, community and friends.  How would you like them to remember you?  

Thinking about how you will be remembered may cause you to begin to act differently towards others so that you might begin to create the august lifestyle that you so much admire in others.  You will be amazed the insight that you will be able to glean from the words that you will write down about the person you look into the mirror at every day.  

I wish to tell you that you are far closer to seeing yourself  as “august” than you might think!

All my love,

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Gerry  Gavin
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