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4 Methods To Boost Your Self-Love

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4 Methods To Boost Your Self-Love

Dr. Stephen Sinatra shares 4 foolproof esteem-boosting techniques
Dr Stephen Sinatra
Dr Stephen Sinatra More by this author
Nov 04, 2015 at 08:45 AM

All of your relationships—including with God or your higher power—are affected by how you feel about yourself. Having a clear identity, maintaining healthy self-esteem and confidence, and knowing the gifts and talents that make you unique allow you to attract and create relationships that are balanced and whole.

These are what we all desire deep in our hearts, and it is human to long for them because such relationships are good for us. Statistics clearly prove that happily married people have a lower incidence of heart attacks than single or widowed persons. Widowed people tend to develop disease at an alarming rate, particularly soon after the loss of their loved ones. Divorced people are more vulnerable to illness and cardiovascular problems than married people. And living alone is a coronary risk factor.


Love heals—us and those to whom we give our love. It assures our connection to the world outside of ourselves. It affirms our role in the bigger picture—that what we say and do matters and that our contributions count. Loving ourselves, knowing we are loved, and opening our hearts to Divine Unconditional Love make our experience of life special. If we meet life with love, we will find love.

What actions can you take to enhance self-love and self-esteem?

The overarching answer is to find the positive force in a negative event or experience that may have hurt your feelings toward yourself, to laugh at yourself and not take everything so seriously, to communicate honestly and not internalize personal or work pressures, and to reach out and love, accepting in return the sincere affection of others. Keeping an open heart means being vulnerable and able to forgive yourself and others, over and over again. These are positive forces and emotions that build self-love and healing. Self-love is one of the best elements of preventive medicine we have today. Consider, too, taking the following steps.

■ I will take a few minutes today to jot down a few things that I love about myself and note the special qualities that make me unique. Examples: My adventurous spirit. My love of animals. My hair. My sense of humor. My ability to sing, dance, write, or otherwise create. I’ll develop gratitude for my God-given gifts and talents. Knowing that I have been blessed with such gifts is the right inspirational fuel I need for life.

■ I will forgive myself for bad habits that in the past stood in the way of my happiness, health, and spiritual development. There is no one without flaws, but I relinquish the control that shame, fear, guilt, and regret have had on me. As I look in the mirror to express self-love every day, I will actively forgive myself and oth- ers and commit to treating myself gently and with respect.

■ I will periodically ask myself if there are a few things I would change about myself. I understand that change can be good, and I will formulate realistic steps and strategies to make it happen,so I can move from where I am to a better place, emotionally and spiritually.

■ I will be part of a divine experience today by reading a sacred text, attending a worship service, praying, signing up for a spiritual retreat, or volunteering in a way that will have an impact on God’s world. Through this experience, I will open my heart to unconditional love, the love that God has for every human being, and allow the gentle wind of this love to touch every aspect of my life. From now on, I choose to love myself, opening the way to love and honor others unconditionally, and experience God’s love for me.

Editor's note: This is an extract of Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth, by Dr. Stephen Sinatra and Tommy Rosa, which is published in the UK by Hay House UK.

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