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4 Steps to Heal Your Relationship with Money

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4 Steps to Heal Your Relationship with Money

Learn to manifest more than just parking spaces
Laura Leigh Clarke
Laura Leigh Clarke More by this author
Jan 08, 2015 at 03:00 AM

You’ve read the books. You’ve been to the seminars. You’ve had those experiences when you just “got it” and you stormed out into the world, knowing that you now had the tools to change your life. So you started applying the things you’ve learnt, with rigour and chutzpah.

You visualized.

You wrote stuff down.

You put post it notes around your home – reminding you that you are the creator of your world. That money flows to you. That you are an abundant being.

And still… no DAMN MONEY.

“Is There Something Wrong With Me?”

How is it that you’re able to manifest a parking space in a heartbeat, on cue, to the amazement of all in the car – but putting a few extra dollars in your account is the most difficult thing in the world? If you’re asking these questions, you’re not alone.

Your frustration is justified… and just TRYING to be positive and staying stuck in struggle isn’t going to change a thing. It’s not that the things you’ve learnt don’t work. Far from it. It’s more that you just haven’t wiggled into it – yet. The great news is, all this can be boiled down to one little shift you need to make.

“Just One Little Shift?”


You see, you’ve been told again and again that the thoughts you think create the world that you bring into being around you. But how do you make that transition from thoughts of lack and limitation to those of abundance and wealth? The answer is this: one thought at a time.

Regaining Control of Your Thoughts

In order to take back your power so you can manifest the money you want, you need to get SPECIFIC about your thoughts. This means you need to catch yourself thinking about things that you don’t want to show up. When you catch yourself thinking these thoughts, with practice you can drop them. Then it’s just a matter of laying in thoughts and intentions about what you do want to show up – and choosing to think those thoughts again and again, and again.

However, being able to pick your thoughts from moment to moment can be tricky without a process like the one outlined in my book Wire Yourself for Wealth, and demonstrated in these free audio tracks here.  

Here’s a quick way you can start turning the ship around and getting your thoughts on course.

Over to You

1. Write a paragraph or two on what you want to show up in your financial situation. Just focus on something achievable, and write it in the present tense.

2. Read and add to it every single day. If you’re keen, and want to move quicker, re-read it a couple of times each day.

3. Set an alarm on your phone to ping several times throughout the day – with a reminder to look at what you’ve just been thinking. Were you thinking thoughts of doubt? Were you running habits? Were you absorbed in what you were doing? Just becoming more aware will give you the power to redirect your thoughts in the direction of what you’ve asked for in your paragraph.

4. Then underneath your paragraph, note all the things that have shifted and changed in your life. Notice all the things that are better… And note whether your new thoughts have manifested yet. If not, just keep going with the process, until...


Yes, until you reach your goal.

Try it for three weeks just to get started. What you’re doing is training your thoughts in the direction of precisely what you want. It takes focus. It takes a little effort. But ultimately, the rewards are absolutely worth it. I look forward to hearing about your successes!

Editor's note: If you'd like more free financial advice from Laura, you can download her online tool kit designed to help give your life and business a quantum shift here.

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