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4 Steps To Living Your Life Purpose

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4 Steps To Living Your Life Purpose

Tips For Living The Life You Really Want
Rajiv Vij
Apr 20, 2015 at 09:00 AM

We live in VUCA, short for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous, times. Whatever our profession or life-cycle stage, VUCA defines our environment. There’s persistent volatility right from economic markets to our personal relationships, increased uncertainty of policies, competition and employment, heightened complexity from onslaught of globalization and technology in our lives, and amplified ambiguity in making myriad of life choices.

All that being true, how much we are impacted by it is a reflection of our degree of disconnect from our inner self. In our modern society, we have become addicted to looking outside of ourselves for visible measures of success, like the job title, size of the house, and the brand of our car. Additionally, we are caught up in the notion of relative success—it’s not how well we are doing, but how we are doing compared to our peers and our social network. Hence, any circumstances that create uncertainty or volatility with these external measures can be a source of significant emotional turmoil for us.

To better deal with external volatility, we need to build the anchor of greater inner stillness; to gain confidence in an uncertain world, we need to develop deeper self-awareness and reform our inner self; to cut through the complexity of our environment, we need to simplify our life by committing our life to a singular meaningful purpose; and to eliminate the ambiguity arising from competing life choices, we need to commit to living a life guided by our personal values and inner yardsticks. That would be a real pathway for reinventing ourselves.

Here is a 4-step approach that can help towards this:

1. Learning to reconnect with our inner self
In our fast paced life, we need to pause by creating time for regular reflection. Creating such quiet moments allows us to connect with our inner values and raise self-awareness at all levels of our being—physical habits, emotional triggers, mental beliefs and spiritual identity. Moments of reflection, particularly through some form of meditation, allow us to create inner stillness and observe what creates fear, doubt, uncertainty and volatility within us.

2. Examining our limiting beliefs
The reality we experience is a function of our inner beliefs. For example, one conditioned belief we often have is that the source of our unhappiness is outside of us; we tend to externalize our challenges—my boss is too demanding or my spouse doesn't care for me anymore. Here are the questions worth asking yourself: Is your boss too demanding or are you not courageous enough to express your needs? Has your spouse stopped caring for you or have you stopped demonstrating your love?

The real change is within us and as we reform our beliefs, regardless of our environment or the people around us, we start experiencing a new reality. It’s the difference between looking outside from the fourth floor of a building and the twenty-fourth—the scenery is the same, but we have a different perspective.

3. Visualizing a clear purpose for our life
Each one of us is uniquely gifted and has a special purpose to fulfil on this planet, but do we take the time to discover it within ourselves? What do you want the rest of your life to be about? What’s that singular pursuit that you would be happy and proud in your last years to have dedicated a significant chunk of your life towards? When we make this purpose the anchor of our life, it automatically takes away the apparent complexity of our daily lives.

4. Committing to becoming who you are meant to be
Finally, it’s about converting our intent into actions—taking personal responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions. Exercise is a classic example—we are all aware of the need for it and the benefits, but not all of us end up doing it. It’s about committing to reforming our inner selves and living the purpose of our life.

Creating a life driven by our personal values and inner yardsticks squarely diminishes the ambiguity of the myriad of choices we face.

 Rajiv Vij is a leading life coach and author of  Discovering Your Sweet Spot: A soul-searching guide for creating the life you really want. He works with leaders from business, public service and the social sector, across Asia, to help them discover and fulfil their potential. Driven by a deep desire to seek greater meaning, Rajiv gave up an exciting corporate career to start a new life as a life coach. Prior to starting his coaching practice in 2006, he served as Managing Director (Asia, Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe) for Franklin Templeton Investments. You can follow Rajiv on Facebook or visit his website at


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Rajiv Vij
Rajiv Vij is a life coach and works with leaders from business, public service and the social sector, across Asia, to help them discover and fulfil their potential. Driven by a deep desire to seek greater meaning, Rajiv gave up an exciting corpora Continue reading