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4 Ways to Invite Signs from the Universe

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4 Ways to Invite Signs from the Universe

It Definitely Helps To Know What To Look For
James  Van Praagh
James Van Praagh More by this author
Aug 03, 2017 at 04:15 PM

Life is full of crucial choices to make and tricky situations to navigate. Sometimes even Google can’t provide the answers you need. When things get complicated, take comfort in knowing your soul is connected to something much larger - a universe of infinite wisdom, with no agenda but to provide you with support and guidance when you need it most.

After being tuned into the Spirit realm for over three decades, I can assure you that when you send out thoughts and questions to the universe, it will deliver you an answer in the form of a sign or signal. After that, it’s up to you recognize the sign, and use your inner knowing to determine its meaning.

Many people share stories of amazing synchronicities, then ask me – “James, do you think that was a sign?” I always laugh and tell them to listen to their intuition. Keep this in mind - if something makes enough of an impression on you that you remember to ask me (or anyone else) about it, it is indeed a message!

My friend Emily recently shared a beautiful story with me about how the universe gave her just the nudge she needed when deciding if she should rescue a dog. She went to the shelter planning on adopting a small older dog, but instead, was irresistibly drawn to a puppy with soulful eyes and enormous feet, who she knew would grow up to be a large, active dog – not the ideal pet, considering her busy schedule and small apartment. But, as she leaned down to pat him, an index card caught her eye. It listed information about the puppy, including his mother’s name – which was EMILY! She knew, in spite of practical concerns about his size and the inconvenience of raising a puppy, he was destined to be her baby! He’s grown up now and is the most wonderful soul-mate and companion she could have wished for.

Ready to let the universe help you out? Try these techniques:

1) Design your Own Sign

If you’re faced with an important choice or decision, let the universe know exactly the sign you are looking for. Everyone has his or her own way of connecting with the universe, so don’t be afraid to ask for a specific sign in a language you will understand. For example, if you’re shopping for a new home, ask the universe to guide you by sending a red bird to the right house, or send you a signal through numbers, or flowers. Then keep an eye out for Spirit’s confirmation that you are on the right path.

2) Get Literal

Write a letter to the universe asking for guidance. You might be choosing a new job, or wondering if a new relationship is right for you, and need a little extra wisdom before you make your move. Pick up a pen and start writing. Get creative – illustrate your letter, write a poem, even add glitter.  Be sure to thank the universe in advance for the help!

3) Practice Mindfulness

You’re likely to miss even the most obvious signs if you’re busy staring at your phone or caught up replaying yesterday’s mistakes or tomorrow’s worries in your mind. The more aware you are of the present moment, the more you will benefit from Spirit’s guidance and your own soul wisdom.

4) Pay Attention to the Flow

Keep this in mind as you go about your day. When everything flows, you know you’re on the right path. When obstacles pop up at every turn, pay attention and proceed with caution. Suppose you’re looking for a new job, and happen to drop off your resume just as the hiring manager walks by. He’s able to meet with you right then and there, and everything clicks. That job is meant to be! Alternatively, if you’re driving to a job interview and you’re low on gas, stuck in traffic, your phone isn’t charged, and you notice that you’ve dribbled coffee on your shirt – the universe is telling you that this job is not for you.

Evidence of divine guidance has been popping up everywhere I look lately as I launch my new course, Signs from the Universe, a 21-day mindfulness journey to help you invite, decode and follow spiritual signs and signals. It’s a topic that I know my students will love – after all, we can all use some divine guidance to help us navigate this challenging human existence.

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