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4 Ways Your Spirit Guides Are Trying To Connect With You

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4 Ways Your Spirit Guides Are Trying To Connect With You

Who Are Your Spirit Guides And How Can They Help You?
James  Van Praagh
James Van Praagh More by this author
Aug 19, 2015 at 11:00 AM

Life can be complicated!  Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate through it alone. In addition to an earthly support group of friends and family, every one of us has at least one spirit guide or guardian angel to step in when life gets challenging. Your spirit guides bring the wisdom and perspective of many lifetimes, and, best of all, they have no personal agenda! They are simply here to help YOU on your soul journey

Who Are Your Spirit Guides? 

Your guides are a part of your soul.  Some have been with you for many lifetimes, while others are there for a just short time. Some may be family members who have recently passed, or ancient ancestors who died centuries ago. 

Many guides have not lived a human life at all.  That is the case with my master guide, Andrew. Andrew helps me to connect with Spirit people, and he protects and supports me in other areas in my life as well. When I first channeled Andrew he said that he was “of an infinite light”, meaning that he is of a higher level, and has never existed on a human level.

Some guides will show up to help you with a particular activity – like a muse, they provide divine inspiration to artists, writers, even healers. The important thing to remember is that all guides work with you to insure that you learn the lessons you were sent down to this earth to experience. 

Open Yourself Up To Receive Support And Guidance

To recognize messages from your guides, you must be open and receptive to hearing them. That’s difficult when you’re caught up in the hustle of daily life. Slow down. Take a few minutes each day to meditate, and tune into your inner knowing. Then, when your mind is clear, take a few breaths and send a thought message to your guides. You can ask them a question or request their assistance in a particular area of your life. Then watch for them. Be mindful of any signs and coincidences that present themselves to you. You’ll start to become familiar with the methods your guides will utilize to come through to you.  Remember, each guide connects differently, and each person receives differently. 

How Spirit Guides Reach Out To You

Guides will come through in various ways.  

1. You might notice various synchronicities and patterns occurring.  Pay attention because these signal something you need to know!

2. When your guides are within your space you will feel a sense of joy or an acceleration of energy surrounding you.  Pay close attention and begin to listen with your gut.  

3. Also be mindful if there is a sudden, unexpected change in your emotions. Guides may be attempting to get through to you in this manner - it’s a very effective method of getting you to pay attention. 

4. Your guides will also bring people in your life for very important lessons. These “chance” encounters may have been set up months or years ahead of earth time from the spiritual realms in order for you to have a meaningful experience. 

Tune In And Enjoy The Blessings Your Spirit Guides Provide

I rarely go through a day without communicating with my guides in one way or another. When I host an event or workshop, I can’t anticipate what kind of messages my Spirit guides will help bring through – but I trust they will deliver. They always do. Before I go on stage, I take a few moments to meditate and ask for their help, and afterwards, I never forget to thank them!

Your guides are ready to step in and help you – and by being mindful, you can train yourself to receive their special brand of wisdom and protection. Don’t let the noise of the world drown out their voices. To feel closer to your Spirit guides, first tap into the voice of your own soul. I’m offering a FREE course through my JVP School of Mystical Arts that might fit the bill. I invite you to sign up at


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