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5 Daily Eating Habits For Healing Your Body

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5 Daily Eating Habits For Healing Your Body

Universal Healing Foods
Liana Werner-Gray
Liana Werner-Gray More by this author
Nov 10, 2014 at 08:00 AM

In my new book, The Earth Diet, I tell the story of my remarkable journey from sickness to health using food as my medicine. From 5 years old, I grew up with aboriginal people in Outback Australia. They taught me the fundamental laws of nature and how to survive from the land. I appreciated how much in harmony they were with earth, and how they maintained excellent physical health. When I moved to Brisbane city at 18, I became fascinated with a junk food lifestyle and it became a daily addiction. I would eat so much chocolate, gummi bears, burgers, pizza, fries, chips, cakes, cookies—anything with refined sugars, flours, gluten, chemicals and preservatives. I enjoyed the 10 minute high I got from the junk food, but I did not like the aftermath as I was always bloated, tired, depressed and disempowered. I knew it was wrong to eat these foods that provided my body with no nutritional value. I was essentially poisoning myself.

Five years later, I had the wake-up call of my life—one day something popped in my throat. A biopsy from the hospital confirmed I had a pre-cancerous tumor in my throat the size of a golf ball! I also had digestion issues, chronic fatigue and my blood cell test showed someone on the verge of leukemia. I accepted that I had hit rock bottom with my health. I was 21. I had a few options—I could have had surgery on the tumor and I could have waited to see what happened with it to explore chemo and radiation. I knew conventional treatments were not for me; I also knew that it was time to nourish my body properly! I decided to go back to nature! I made a commitment to myself that I would no longer poison my body with processed foods, and that I would only eat from what earth provided naturally for 365 days! This is when I started the blog The Earth Diet to hold me accountable! 

My mind was made up. I would heal myself using natural foods! This is what felt right for me and when I started to implement these 5 daily eating habits for body healing:

1. I drank fresh vegetable and fruit juice every day to get nutrition instantly to my cells.
2. I ate whole foods like avocado, carrot, cucumber, apples.
3. I drank bentonite clay everyday to absorb toxins. I also bathed in the clay.
4. I alternated with a colonic and a coffee enema everyday! Wayne Dyer speaks about coffee enemas and how much he loves them these days!
5. I stopped eating junk foods.

Of course, I was having intense cravings and withdrawals from my former junk food diet so I started to develop my own recipes to replace my favorite flavors! I came up with raw chocolate, cheesecake made from cashews, organic burgers, gluten free pancakes, cookie dough made with almonds and more. I found a way to enjoy my absolute favorite flavors while also packing them with nutrition! All of these recipes and more are in my book The Earth Diet.

Universal Healing Foods

Of course, everyone is different and requires a unique plan for healing, but one thing we all know for sure is this: we must get nutrition everyday. The body cannot help but feel better when we get all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients we need! Here are some of the universal healing foods:

- Fresh vegetable juice like Green Juice and Beet Juice daily
- Raw whole foods that are in their natural state like an avocado and apple
- Greens including kale, spinach, lettuce, cilantro and parsley
- Lemon water to boost the immune system with Vitamin C and alkalize the body
- Raw Chocolate made from cacao
- Nuts including cashews, almonds, Brazil nuts, walnuts
- Herbal tea including ginger tea, a natural pain reliever
- Seeds including flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and hemp seeds
- Foods that you authentically feel good about eating

The Earth Diet is for every type of eater and I have developed recipes for raw vegan as well as meat eaters! The philosophy is to eat what you are craving—with the rule it should be as natural as possible. When we live this way, everything we put into our bodies is healing because we are nourishing ourselves properly with love and nutrition. Six years after returning to healthy eating habits, I am 27 years old and I have traveled to 33 countries to teach about natural lifestyle.

Today I am healthier than I have ever been. My most recent blood test was last week with results saying I have "beautiful blood." I was able to heal the tumor in 3 months, and I also healed a 5-year junk food addiction (I no longer even crave junk foods!) and disorderly eating and digestive issues. I am also more confident and present in my body, and able to enjoy life with more quality. I share my story because I am passionate about others experiencing this quality of health via natural foods. Don't give up! From working with thousands of people, I have seen so many heal their body using natural foods. It is recommended that you have a majority plant-based diet—for example 70% raw whole plants and 30% cooked, including vegetables and meat if you choose. Always trust your intuition with what you should eat and what food is healing for your own body. If you want to detox some toxins from your body, I provide a free 3 day cleanse on my website,


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Liana Werner-Gray
Liana Werner-Gray is an advocate for natural healing using a healthy diet and lifestyle. After healing herself of many health conditions through embracing a natural lifestyle, she began lecturing and teaching about the Earth Diet internationally. Continue reading