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5 Easy Ways To Connect With Your Spirit Animal

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5 Easy Ways To Connect With Your Spirit Animal

Easily Find Your Animal Messenger
Sarah Wilder
Sarah Wilder More by this author
Nov 15, 2016 at 04:30 PM

In my experience, there are 3 major universal types of animal messengers we may encounter in our daily lives.

These are commonly referred to as power animals, spirit animals, and shadow animals. 

I love to use the following analogy to help people to better understand the roles of animal messengers in our lives. If life is a book; then our power animal is the entire volume, the spirit animal is a chapter and the shadow animal represents the discourse encountered throughout the storyline.

When it comes to finding our spirit animals, there are no hard and fast rules as to how many we have and how we obtain them. They are purely an individual exploration and a deeply personal practice.

Here are 5 simple ways you can connect with your current spirit animal.

1.    Set an intention

Animal spirits are messengers for the now - they come and go throughout our lives to consciously remind us of what it is we seek. Setting an intention to gain insight or clarity on your current situation is the first step to receiving an appropriate animal messenger that acts as a guidepost through this unchartered time in your life. Take a moment to get clear on what it is you actually want from the universe. The more specific, the better.

2.  Ask the universe

Simply put a call out to the universe and ask “what is it I need to know right now?” or “who can I look to for clarity on this situation?”. Sure enough, when we put energy into something by surrendering it or handing it over to a higher power, we can often receive guidance back in the form of something familiar and relatable to us. Animals are a great source of divine guidance because they are divine themselves—in their rawest, realist and most present state of consciousness.

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3. Heighten your awareness

The key is to remain open, but not to force it. Once it is declared, it is important to stay aware for when a significant sign or messenger does cross our path. Note that it has to feel ‘right’: not every animal encounter or sign is significant. Make sure you feel into the experience when it happens rather than settling for whatever comes your way. The stranger, or more frequent - the better! Trust your own judgment and take what you need and let go of the rest.

4. Find the deeper connection

Once we have received the messenger, we can then dedicate some time to getting to know what it is about this animal that is significant for us at this time. What is it about the animal that stands out to you right now? Is it its color, sound or behavior? Take some time out of your day to really dig deep on what it might be telling you. Look for symbolism in this that correlates to your life—animals usually communicate in universal codes like this and it is our job to interpret these to the best of our ability. Spending time on this will really deepen your connection to the message, and in turn, yourself.

5. Invite it into your heart space

Ask this divine messenger to then join with you energetically to help you to implement any action required or for support with embodying the gift of the message. Since we are all connected, it is important to maintain a relationship to the energy of this animal until you feel like it’s time to part ways again. Spirit animals are transient messengers, which means they come and go as we need them.

A great way to stay connected is by using talismans or amulets associated with this animal. It can be as simple as decorating your sacred spaces with imagery or ornaments of this animal. These will act as a physical reminder of the message and any action that needs to be taken in order to expand our awareness deepen our inner wisdom.

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