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5 Good Reasons To Listen To Your Vibes

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5 Good Reasons To Listen To Your Vibes

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James McCrae
James McCrae More by this author
Jan 26, 2017 at 09:45 AM

What are vibes exactly?

Our vibes are our energy – how we feel and how we make others feel. All matter and emotion is a form of energy, and all energy operates on different vibrational frequencies. These vibrational frequencies – the unique rhythm that our energy, thoughts, and emotions are attuned to – are our vibes. How we feel, how others feel about us, and the success and love we attract into our lives are all the magnetic outcome of our vibes.

Here's the problem – we treat our vibes like they are cheap.

We may feel good one moment, enjoying life and enjoying ourselves, but as soon as something happens that contradicts our vibes – somebody is rude, for example, or we don't get the job we wanted – we are quick to allow circumstances to dictate how and what we feel. In doing so, we give away our power to control our lives and manifest our intentions. Even worse, we blame the loss of power (and the weakening of our vibes) on circumstances beyond our control.

The key is to remember that we are always in control of our vibes, and therefore we are always in control our lives. The secret is to uphold the vibes we want in spite of external circumstances.

Here's a radical idea – what if, instead of treating our vibes as cheap, we considered them to be our most valuable treasure?

What if we refused to give away our vibes as soon as something bad happens? After all, life is only a game. External events happen against our will to challenge our resolve. When we have the courage to uphold our vibes in spite of chaos and disappointment, we start to win the game, and circumstances acknowledge our power and begin unfolding in our favor.

Here's a short list of vibe killers (also known as excuses). The key is to remember that happiness is a choice made prior to, and independent of, external circumstances. 


1.   Vibes over wanting more

Working toward goals is healthy. But when we are too attached to results we become slaves to circumstances. Our desires weaken our vibes and we chase and chase but never attain lasting fulfillment. The best reward is always peace and abundance in the present moment. When that is missing, chasing "more" only leads to disappointment. Besides, holding good vibes (not losing them in the chaos of the hustle) makes us a better magnet to attract our intentions.


2.   Vibes over stress and pressure

It's hard to feel powerful when we are overwhelmed by responsibility. But the truth is that when we feel stressed, holding strong vibes is more important than ever. Our instinct is to throw away good vibes and take on feelings of stress, but in doing so we become less equipped to make smart and effective decisions. When stress shows up, try taking a deep breath and giving yourself a few minutes to meditate. When we hold vibes in stressful times we learn that the power within us is greater than the power of external circumstances.

3.   Vibes over self-doubt

Sometimes we kill our own vibes. Self-doubt is normal. But having doubt and taking doubt seriously are two different things. The internal struggle between trust and doubt is the battle that defines our destiny. Here is an important reminder – our vibes are our strongest weapon. When we have a powerful presence, we give ourselves the best chance of success. Yogi Bhajan said, "If your presence doesn't work, nothing will work." When we press forward in the face of doubt – allowing our vibes to lead us – we discover how truly powerful we are.


4.   Vibes over fear of a crazy world

We live in uncertain times. The norms of politics, technology, and the economy seem to be unraveling at a rapid pace. It's easy during times of transition to feel fear, worry, and anger. But it's important to remember that our vibes affect more than just ourselves. Our vibes echo across the world and touch those who we encounter. In other words, the state of the world is a collection of individual vibes. When the universe gets out of balance and the world seems crazy, we have a responsibility to strengthen our vibes because the world (and those around us) needs it more than ever.

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5.   Vibes over other people's opinions

We often allow other people to steal our power. We take their opinions (which are often uninformed or merely blind judgment) seriously and *snap* just like that, we throw our vibes out the window and choose to feel resentment or the need for approval. But here's a secret that we don't remember enough – what other people think about us is none of our business. The opinions of others say more about them than they do about ourselves, and can only affect us if we allow them to. Vibes are too valuable to throw away at the whims of others.


...and vibes over everything else. 


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