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5 Messages To Help Heal a Grieving Heart

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5 Messages To Help Heal a Grieving Heart

Helping You to Move On From Grief
Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue More by this author
Oct 22, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Grief is a mixture of many emotions, and nothing we can say will bring your loved one physically back. However, we can help you go on with your life. We can also help you better understand why your loved one transitioned, and how you can connect with his or her eternal soul. And we can reassure you that no one ever truly dies, and you will be reunited someday.

 Here are 5 healing messages to help you through your time of transition:

 1. Days Can Be Like Butterflies: Some Days You Can Soar and Fly, and Others You Just Need to Sit Back and Look Beautiful

 Be gentle with yourself. You have been through a life-changing experience, and you just need to step back and relax. The world and life as you know it are different now. Even though you are strong and have always been there for everyone else, now the Universe wants you to be there for yourself. This is a wonderful opportunity that has been given to you—not only to recharge your batteries, but in these still moments, to remind yourself once again just what a beautiful and unique being you are.

 2. Time Is Just a Placeholder Until You See Each Other Again

 Time is truly an illusion, for what is felt in the heart cannot be measured by any clock. But as you live each new day, let it reveal wisdom and insights from your past so that you can have a fuller understanding and appreciation of your tomorrows. As the moments pass, realize that each one is preparing and perfecting you for your reunion . . . so that when that day comes and you step outside of time, you realize the fullness of your love expressed and experienced in its ultimate glory.

 3. Let Silence Open Up Your Heart So You Can Hear It Sing

 The beginning of all prayer is silence. Honor these moments of self-reflection, and let this journey take you deep within so your soul may speak to you. Only by being in the silence will you truly find the insights you are looking for . . . for your soul has traveled eons of time discovering, experiencing, molding, and creating exactly who you are today. When the voice of the soul begins to unfold, you will witness the true essence of your being.

 4. “I Should Have . . .” and Other Regrets

 Please do not beat yourself up mentally, berating yourself for something you think you should have done. Yes, you probably could have visited more, spoken up, said “I love you,” driven that day, or taken a whole host of other actions. But regrets will not bring back your loved one. Instead, see your regrets as life lessons never to be repeated. Realize that you were doing the best you could at each moment, based upon what you knew at the time. And direct your regrets in positive ways, such as teaching others what you now know.

 5. The Amount of Grief We Feel Is Equal to the Love We Shared

 Never believe anyone who tells you that there is a finite amount of time you should grieve. There are no rules when it comes to mourning. Grief, like love, is immeasurable. No one loves the same, nor grieves the same. Some people demonstrate their sorrow openly, while others keep it deep within their being. It is a very personal human and spiritual experience. They say that tears cleanse the soul, and grief validates the love you felt. Rest assured, knowing that your heart and the invisible beings in heaven will assist you in your transformation to a new life filled with ever-growing love and ever-evolving experiences.



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