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5 MUST-DO's For Empaths In The Business World

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5 MUST-DO's For Empaths In The Business World

Next Time You Feel Like Quitting Read This First
Mo Faul
Apr 10, 2017 at 02:15 PM

Many of the women I coach describe themselves as empaths and intuitive. Born with a few extra sensors and having had a life where they had to pay attention the energy around them, many are fine-tuned energy receivers.  The problem is…energy receivers get bombarded and burn-out easily. This combination in the workplace can add up to a miserable existence and a desperate feeling that, “work is not for me.”

Is this you? Have you succumbed to the inevitable that you will never be seen for your skills and talents because you feel more than is healthy at work? Do you take on too much hoping they will notice? Are you so burnt out that quitting seems like the only option? Or have you quit a job in frustration?

Why does everyone else who is not as smart and dedicated seem to zoom on by while you toil away in greater and greater frustration?  Have you considered a job as a coach, paid intuitive or as a therapist as your only route to happiness? I have news for you -- this may be the exact wrong turn. In the workplace, an empath can get pummelled with energy from all areas and feel like there is no escape.

If you are not protecting your energy properly, do not go into or further into a “helping” profession.

Let’s review my five-step approach to protecting yourself at work:

1. Align and Set Boundaries


Who are you at a soul level? Have you explored your inner you? You have so much power and passion at the soul level. This fuels your true self. When you come to every task, every day with this alignment, everything works better. Trouble is, you may be stuck thinking that more effort is the answer. Working harder in the physical world is rarely the answer. Your true alignment is the answer. I created an entire webinar on 5 Steps to Bring Your Soul to Work. Spend time with this FREE instruction and you will get at the heart of you.

Once you know you, you can really align with the best work for you. The answers are there. This is the most important part of you, find it, embrace it and bring it to work with you.

2. Create a habit of Non-Attachment


To our dearest anita,.png


You take things personally way too much. I know, I see it every day. You may have been “taught” to show you care so you can telegraph your emotions. News FLASH: you do not need to care that much in order to do your job. You can step away from caring, be a good person, do your job and still give the amount of personal investment in your job. There is never enough hard work to overcome negative thinking. You can’t work it off and prove you are committed. This is old programming, it doesn’t work and it is hurting you. I know it almost killed me. After my breast cancer journey (double mastectomy and later a total hysterectomy) I realized that I was internalizing everything. I took personally everything that went wrong, whether it was my job or not. This over blown responsibility is embedded in our subconsciousness. Not only did someone put you in charge at a young age, they expected something from you that you couldn't do or give. Or, they want to see your dedication to have it matter. These messages were more than likely verbal and nonverbal.


Your programming is running the show if you feel this way. Step back. See the situation for what it is and pull your emotional attachment back into yourself. This maneuver will take practice and time. Give yourself the time to readjust to expectations. You do not need to internalize, or struggle to show you care.  It drains your energy, it causes disease and it makes you act in your worst behavior. Step back, see the situation as a series of events that are playing out on stage. Do what you need to do, do your job and keep your emotions to yourself. This may feel awkward, stay with it. The lack of stress and anxiety may feel like you aren’t putting in the right effort. You will see it gets easier.  When you have a lesson to learn, a pivot you need to make, a habit you need to break, do it. DO it all with non-attachment.

The gremlin mind is a difficult one to shut down, I describe it in detail, as step 3 and how to overcome it in my FREE training, 5 Steps to Bring Your Soul to Work.

3. See the Outcome NOW




Often when we are feeling so much, overwhelm grabs us by the throat. This sense of overwhelm chokes off our imagination and creativity.  It also keeps the negative thinking going in a never-ending cycle. SO many people I talk to say, “The Law of Attraction doesn’t work for me.” Nothing can be further than the truth. You are seeing in your physical environment and exact mirror of your consciousness. YIKES! Better get a tune up.

When we see the outcome, when we imagine the journey’s end or the tasks completion it shifts us entirely. So, rather than continuing to look at the obstacle. Rather than focusing on what you don’t want (which only gets you more of that!). The Law of Attraction is always working. Always. So, if we can see a positive outcome and know in our mind that it is possible, we can start to feel it is possible. What we think and feel is what comes our way. Learn about the best way to Create a destination worthy of you in my FREE Online Training. Pick a time that works best for you!

Next time you have a problem, obstacle or conflict. Visualize the outcome exactly as you want it to be. You may need to add a few doses of sending blessings along the path to open yourself up. You may need to invoke your Higher Power or Source to help you get there. Take the time to see the outcome, whether small or large, exactly as you would like to see it play out. Imagine you in the scene, imagine the others happy, expressing gratitude to you. I used this technique when I would have a difficult client meeting or other stressful situation. I would play out the outcome in my mind, feel it and see it as often as I could. Did everything always work out the way I imagined? No. I will tell you that Everything Always Worked Out For Me!

Imagine it possible and you are halfway there.

4. Use it, Don’t Hide it


Emotional Guidance IS Your Guide.png


Ok, empaths and intuitives, let’s use that gift! Let’s do more good! Let’s know what the emotional and soulful tone is of meetings, discussions and use the knowing as good information to change, alter or communicate to others.

Have a meeting that didn’t “feel” right? Perhaps more communication could have been used. Perhaps more engagement and less talking to people. What are you feeling after that meeting and how can you use the information to have a better outcome. Stop the frustration train. Stop the, “they never listen to me” habit. Break up with your addiction to feeling sorry for yourself. Use the information to be better next time, or to have a conversation with someone after the meeting, or next time, before the meeting. Use your gifts to be smarter, more proactive and ahead of everyone else.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself that others just don’t see what you see. I get it! Drop that story and stop fighting for your victimhood.

Begin to use your superpowers for good and bettering your workplace. That’s what we are here for, for good and to spread good. Once you go victim, you spread that energy and you see that reality. Put it all together. Good feelings, positive outcome imagined, feeling the feedback to make things better and then create a non-attachment to the outcome.

Now, how about when we need to speak up?

Learn about keeping your inner GPS aligned in my FREE Training, take notes, take action and get aligned!

5. Ask for What You Need

Do it Afraid.png


This is one action that often takes shutting the gremlin mind down. Ask for what you need and want. Nothing awesome was ever birthed on it’s own. Be the inventor, creator of your life, by asking for what you want. The key to success in this is to ask in your heart first! Silently, heartfully, soulfully ask and bless the person you will be asking!

As an empath, take these actions to enhance your natural connection to Your Source, protect your vulnerability and avoid being depleted, burn-out or questioning your own value!

It may be time to take an inventory of what hasn’t been working for you and what you may need to do now to protect your soul and enhance your career.

Book your time NOW!

Your career and life are forever intertwined, align yourself!

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