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5 Natural Ways to Beat Eczema

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5 Natural Ways to Beat Eczema

Shann Nix Jones shares natural methods for beating the skin condition
Shann Nix Jones
Shann Nix Jones More by this author
Apr 10, 2015 at 03:15 AM

If you’re struggling with eczema, I’m guessing that the steroid cream the doctor gave you hasn’t worked. 

You’ve probably been left with skin that was thinner than before – and the eczema is still with you. 

There’s a good reason that creams alone don’t work to cure stubborn eczema. Eczema is not a skin condition, it's actually an autoimmune disease, which occurs when your body turns on its own cells, and attacks itself. Think of it as your body’s internal security system firing on itself. And more often than not, autoimmune diseases start in the gut.

Happily though, you can get relief from your eczema with a range of natural products and solutions to heal your body from within – solutions that won’t damage your skin like conventional creams and medicines. Kefir, which is made from goat’s milk, is one such product. It’s a powerful Eastern European probiotic that repopulates the gut with the helpful microbiotics it needs to repair itself, along with the rest of your body. Here’s how you can use Kefir and other natural products to heal your eczema:

1.     Heal from the inside: Drink a 21-day course of kefir. In addition to repopulating your gut with microbiotics, kefir also has the added benefit of boosting mood, helping anxiety and depression, suppressing appetite and sugar cravings. Kefir is nutritionally rich with vitamins and minerals, and it is lactose free. Look for kefir made with real kefir grains and raw goat’s milk, which is the least allergic and most nutritious base for it.

2.     Heal from the outside: Put kefir on your skin. Kefir is as beneficial applied topically as it is when you drink it. It balances the bacteria on the surface of the skin, and provides a natural eczema treatment.

3.     Yes to goats, no to cows! Remove all cow’s milk from your diet for 21 days. Substitute goat’s yogurt, cheese, butter and milk for all cow products. The NIH is currently researching whether a protein in cow’s milk may help trigger autoimmune reactions like diabetes in susceptible individuals. Cow’s milk is incredibly allergic for human beings, and may be acting as an ongoing trigger for your skin reaction.

4.     Stevia instead of sugar: Remove refined sugar from your diet for 21 days. Eating glucose is like raining down death on your microbiome. While you are re-establishing the good bugs inside your system, substitute stevia, a plant-based sweetener that is safe for diabetics, low-GI and actually healthy for you. It’s a bit tough to bake with, but works well to sweeten coffee, tea, smoothies and cereals.

5.     Eat to Heal: Follow an anti-inflammatory diet for the 21 days. Avoid white bread, rice and pasta. Incorporate lots of fresh fruits and veggies, avocado, coconut oil, walnuts, kale, flax seed and chia seed.

Good luck on your healing journey! 

Editor's note: You can find award-winning kefir made with real grains and raw goat’s milk, as well as handmade kefir skin cleansers and lotions, at 

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