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5 Questions To Ask Yourself Under This Full Moon

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5 Questions To Ask Yourself Under This Full Moon

Prepare for the last full moon eclipse of 2016 with these tips from Yasmin Boland
Yasmin Boland
Yasmin Boland More by this author
Sep 16, 2016 at 04:00 AM

There is a Full Moon eclipse this weekend, which means it's time for all of us to turn a corner in our lives in some way.


What do you need to move on from in your life? It could be a relationship or a job, but it could just as easily be fear or some kind of bad habit.

Eclipses come along each year to remind us that we have a path to follow. Some things feel like they are meant to be because, well ... they are meant to be!

If - and when - we wander too far off the path our soul wants to follow this lifetime, eclipses often mark the point when we get shunted back on track. If your life has been turned upside-down recently, you could well have been feeling the eclipse in advance.

One of most important things to do at the time of an eclipse is to forgive anyone who you feel has hurt or harmed you. Forgiving them doesn't make it right but it allows you to release the karma and move on.


Learning to forgive is one of the great challenges of being human. And while Full Moons are always the time to forgive and a Full Moon eclipse like this one is that on steroids! 

Here is the info you need about this Full Moon eclipse - may it be awesome for you. Remember that often what happens at the time of an eclipse (if it triggers your chart) can be hard to take but it almost always works out well.

September's Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Pisces 

Times around the world

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees in Pisces

SYDNEY: September 17, 5.05am

LONDON: September 16, 8.05pm

MONTREAL/NEW YORK: September 16, 3.05pm

AUCKLAND: September 17, 7.05am

PARIS: September 16, 9.05am

This Full Moon is especially good for Taureans, Cancerians, Virgos, Scorpios, Capricorns and Pisceans, but it’s more challenging for everyone else. The energy is… Nostalgic, and a little bit yearning.


Top 5 questions to ask yourself under this Full Moon

1. Have I been dreamy to the point of not getting enough done and making silly errors?

2. Have I been overly sensitive and too easily hurt?

3. Have I been acting like a martyr? Or too easily led?

4. Have I been meditating every day, and if not, why not?

5. Have I been in touch my intuitive side? Following my dreams and hunches?

More about this Moon...

Its message: This is a super mystical Moon – connect with your inner psychic. 

Find a balance between: Your need for inner peace versus all your duties.

Forgive: Perform my ‘Full Moon forgiveness ceremony’  then write your forgiveness list and burn it.

Be grateful: Perform the ‘Entering a state of gratitude ceremony’ on page 144 of my book Moonology if you have it (and if you don't but you would like it, click here!) Otherwise, simply write a list of all you're grateful for, and then burn it.

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