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5 Secrets To Tapping Into The Power Of The New Year

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5 Secrets To Tapping Into The Power Of The New Year

A Channeled Message From The Angel Margaret
Gerry  Gavin
Gerry Gavin More by this author
Jan 14, 2016 at 02:45 PM

Editor's Note - Gerry Gavin is the author If You Could Talk to an Angel and Messages from Margaret.  He has a Hay House Radio radio show on Tuesdays from 3-4 PM PST  where he channels the angel Margaret, bringing down-to-earth angelic advice to the world. Today she brings that wonderful, life changing advice exclusively for the Heal Your Life audience!

Hello Dear Ones and Welcome,

As we enter this “New Year,” it is such an exciting time with regard to your individual capacity to create in ways that you never knew that you could do.  You see, there is amazing power in collective thought and this is the one time of year that collective thought is at its most powerful on planet earth. 

All of you on the planet have come to the agreement that you recognize a particular way to measure time – you call it a calendar.  And though you may each have particular individual and cultural observances that occur at different times of the year, and even though you might be experiencing different seasons than others on the planet – you all recognize and mark the transition of December 31st into January 1st as the start of a new year.  Not only do you mark the event, but all of you celebrate this transition as a milestone that marks the close of struggles from the previous year – the celebration of successes from the past year – and the trigger of a new expansiveness of hope and possibility! 

And this is where the power lies! Because of this planetary sense of hope and possibility, this time of year – this month of January in particular – has so many of you thinking in unison about ways to improve your health, your finances, your relationships and your connection with your soul – that your potential of being successful in your intentions is never better…if you know the five secrets to tapping into the power of this new year!

Secret #1:    Stop making resolutions!

One of the most common things that sabotages the success of your intentions in the New Year is to refer to them as resolutions!  The word resolution actually comes from a Latin origin that means to loosen, undo or settle. You all use the word resolution, in one form or another, to signify when something has been completed or settled.  You come to a resolution of problems – undoing the conflicts and loosening ideas or beliefs that are at the core of the conflict. In the most common parlance of all languages, the word resolution is used in this manner – to signify the completion of a problem.  It is only at New Years that you use the word resolution – as an idea to “begin” something that that you have not had success with in the past.

So your brain is much more accustomed to translating the thought of a resolution as something that has already been done. So when you “resolve” to get to the gym more in the New Year – and you start off great in January – only to find that you stop after only a few times, it is because your brain is telling you that you should place your attention on something different.  It feels that you have “resolved” your intention to go to the gym because you have completed the task.  Your brain does not understand long term goals when you use the term resolution. That is why so many of you start out so strong with your resolutions and then find yourselves right back to where you started by the end of January.

It is much more powerful to use the term intention, or even more powerful to use the word desire!  How do you feel when you think about the word desire? For most, the word desire is filled with excitement. Desire is not a group feeling – it is a very individual feeling – a very personal emotion!

When you think about losing weight or getting healthier and the personal desires and joy that will fill your life when you accomplish this – it becomes much easier to stick with a goal.  Desire is not about the task of going to the gym, eating better, saving money, or finding love.  Desire is about creating the feeling of joy that you will have when you reach that goal and the love of self that you perceive this will bring to you!  So desire = joy = self love!  

Secret # 2:    If You “Desire” Joy and Self-Love then Start with Today!

There is no single way to help you to understand the joy you will feel by achieving your future desires then by focusing on the joys that are already a part of your current life! The easiest way for you to manifest in this year and to set yourself up for an even better 2017 is to begin keeping a Gratitude Journal.  It doesn’t have to be fancy. It could be a spiral notebook, a composition book – or it could be a book made for journaling.  Whatever the form you choose, just start this year by getting this book and desiring to raise your vibration by writing down at least three things that you are grateful for from the experiences of that day.  Do this just before you go to bed at night, focusing on those things in your life that bring your joy.  Gratitude then amplifies that energy – which then interconnects with other like energy – and brings more of the same back to your direction.

If you believe that love is the most powerful energy in the universe – which it is – then it stands to reason that gratitude, the expression of love and appreciation for love already bestowed – creates energy and a power that will surround the desires for future joy that you are attempting to create.  Plus since time is so very fluid, the past, present and future interconnect with each other in the blink of an eye!  To be grateful is to love how good things in your life make you feel – which is a powerful act of self-love. Remember dear ones that your greatest power is your sense of gratitude! 

Secret # 3:    “Tap” Into the Universal Flow of Like Energy

So if you accept the concept that love is the greatest force in the universe and you further accept the idea that gratitude can actually tap into that force and attract more of it, then imagine for a moment that if there are millions of you out there, that are seeking the same desires, then you can actually tap into that energy to boost yours. It is commonly accepted that when you are seeking to accomplish a change in your life that it is easier to do when you are working with someone else.  This is why some people seek out a buddy, or a coach, or even a support group.  You seek the energy of the other individuals to merge with yours so that the combined energy will be more powerful.  

You can do the same thing on an energetic level by seeking to share your energy with others in a desire to achieve your common goals together.  You can start by saying the Afformation,
“Why is it so easy for me to connect with the energy of everyone else on this planet who is seeking to (here you would state your personal intention like “become 30 pounds lighter…or save $100 a month towards retirement…or find work that I love.”  

Saying this afformation, at least three times a day, will instruct your brain to open the neuro-energetic pathways that will connect you with the neuro-energetic pathways of all other like minded individuals who are seeking the same positive changes in their lives as are you!  You could also utilize Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) to literally tap into this energy. When setting up for your tapping session state the issue:

ie: Even though I struggle with spending and saving money, I do totally love, respect, and honor myself and I offer my help and call upon the help of others that seek to spend less and save more. Then tap on your challenges and in the last sequence set those challenges free and for yourself and all those who have shared their energy in this tapping session.

Secret 4: Celebrating Others Successes and Releasing Jealousy

Finally, when you have formulated your goals into emotionally driven desires – really seeing and feeling all the joy that you will experience from that which you want to create – have begun to connect with your current joy by keeping a journal of your daily grateful experiences – and have tapped into the energy of all of those like you – then you will need to know the final secret to manifesting your desires. That is, you need to actually seek out and celebrate the successes of others – for not only does that help you to lift your vibration – it actually allows you to tap into their “like” energy.  If you are seeking to manifest something that you do not have – that someone else does – then clearly your being grateful  that they have been blessed by that which you desire.  

Remember gratitude draws more of the same energy to you, so when you are grateful for the success of others – truly grateful, not just platitudes- then you feel that gratitude as though it had happened to you and you direct similar energy back to you!  In the same way, jealousy sends energy in the opposite direction.  If you desire a certain outcome in your life that is similar to that which another person is experiencing – and you are jealous of their receiving it – then you are saying that you are not grateful that they have received this – which attracts fear of lack into your life. So for this reason you might even wish to write the success of others into your gratitude journal so that you can really feel the joy that they are feeling and know even more clearly what it will feel like for you to be there! I would even suggest that you ask them what it feels like for them – so that you can refine your vision of your desire.  

Secret #5: Call Upon Your Angels

Remember dear ones that if all the people of the world could come together in the belief that there is a day in which everything “starts over,” then that powerful belief is in the hearts and minds and soul’s of all of man and womankind.  You are not alone if you just call on the help of your angels. You need simply to ask the creator to send you a “legion of angels” (and please use those very words) to surround you to raise your vibration and to help you in bringing your desires to reality – then we will be therefore called upon to assist – and we will be so very happy to do so!  This is exactly why it is a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Go in Peace,

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