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5 Simple Ways To Mend Your Heart

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5 Simple Ways To Mend Your Heart

Deborah King Has Some Fun Exercises To Try
Deborah  King
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Feb 03, 2017 at 02:00 PM

Homes, schools, stores, and offices will be bursting with hearts this month. These universal symbols of love might be bright red and bold or pink and frilly, but everyone can recognize them as signs of something precious and desirable both to give and receive.  Love is in the air and with all this visual inspiration, it’s the perfect time to give your own heart some kind attention and tender loving care. 

Your physical heart is the central organ of life, located in the center of your chest, and sending life-giving fuel to all parts of your body.  In energy medicine, the fourth energy center or heart chakra forms the bridge between the three lower chakras that connect you to Mother Earth and the three upper chakras that connect you to the Infinite.

Here is formed the link between the physical and the nonphysical and the bonds between self and others. When this vital “center of operations” is in balance, you feel contentment and peace, and you have the power to be caring, compassionate, and forgiving to others. You have the power to love!

But what if your heart center is out of balance?

One of the most essential questions to ask yourself when determining the health of your heart chakra is,

“Do I give and receive love easily and without fear?”

If the answer isn’t an unqualified yes, chances are that your heart suffered a break somewhere in the past and hasn’t fully healed. Imbalance can begin with heartbreak, a break in your connection to your own heart.

Does any human being make it through life without experiencing heartbreak—loss of a love, death of a loved one, loss of trust or a betrayal? What you do with your feelings in times of heartbreak is key. If you shut down your feelings, “close your heart,” you close off the good things, too.

Shutting down your heart not only diminishes your capacity to give and receive love, but also to remain healthy.

So what’s the best way to make sure your heart is open, free from old hurts, and ready to love? Here are five steps you can take to mend and tend your heart:

1.    Practice Giving and Receiving

– Do you know of someone who’s in need of comfort and support? Maybe there’s an elderly neighbor who would love a visit and a plate of cookies. Maybe this neighbor is even a bit of a nuisance and that’s an even better reason to lend a compassionate ear. The experience of freely giving your time and attention is healing. Suspend judgment, smile, and offer love to someone who least expects it. Do push-ups with your heart. The exercise can bring an amazing lift!

2.    Feel Unconditional Love

—Unconditional love is the act of an open heart, an act of the divine coursing through your veins. One of the best ways to experience unconditional love is with a pet—a dog, cat, horse, or even a bird can help heal any residual heartbreak you may be suffering. Pets, with their tremendous ability for unconditional love, can help you reopen your heart chakra. How do they do it?

Think about your dog’s madly wagging tail when you, their beloved friend, comes in the door. They can focus entirely on being with you as the happiest experience they could have. The present moment is their only moment, and their bliss is contagious and healing.

3.    Keep a Gratitude Journal

—Each day think about things you have to be grateful for and write them down. It can even begin as a game. As your co-workers gather by the coffee machine in the morning, ask them to name one thing they are grateful for. From the simple to the sublime, a new stapler to a child’s recovery from a health scare, the point is to look closer at all the good that surrounds you. Feelings of gratitude help you see how worthy of love your life really is. The more you think about things to be grateful for, the more of them come into your awareness. There is more to love with every thought.

4.    Extend Forgiveness

—Is your heart sore and grieving for something you did that you can’t forgive? Often it is easier to forgive others than to forgive yourself. In my work as a spiritual teacher and energy healer, self-blame is among the biggest problems I find. Human beings are just too hard on themselves! The most powerful healing action you can take is to acknowledge your frailties and give yourself a hearty dose of compassion. A lack of self-compassion creates illness and keeps you stuck in your small self, keeping you from stepping up to your higher self—and higher love!

5.    Choose to Be Open and Willing

—As you give your heart a tender tune-up, ask if you are ready to face the world with an open heart. Are you trusting and hopeful in your interactions with others, or do you feel reluctant to share freely and love openly? Shutting down the heart is a common response when you’ve experienced pain, closing down feelings that are too painful. But the whole point of your new open-hearted path is to feel what you feel, to take the chance that goodness will far outweigh any bad you may encounter. Your open heart is your greatest tool for happiness and healing. 

Part of the process of healing your heart is to practice loving yourself, which not only makes you internally happier, but will improve your relationships with others as well. Do something nice for yourself every day until you really believe you are worthy of love, because you are!

If you’re attracted to this kind of learning, or you’re curious about how energy healing could heal your life, learn more at

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