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5 Steps To Kick Start A Healthier You

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5 Steps To Kick Start A Healthier You

Break Some Rules And Start Fresh
Tara Stiles
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Jan 13, 2016 at 01:45 PM

Making your own rules is an empowering practice. When you get comfortable tuning in, following your intuition, and letting it guide you to your own unique path of radiant happiness, there is no turning back. It sounds simple enough to make your own rules, but there is an efficient and fun process of tuning in that will help you know exactly what the best rules are for you right now. The more you practice tuning in, the easier it gets, and soon you’ll know exactly when it’s time to break another rule and start fresh. Get ready to transform your life!

In Make Your Own Rules Diet, you will get to know the most knowledgeable expert on your health: YOU. Full of easy ways to bring yoga, meditation and healthy eating into your daily routine, so you can cultivate a healthy, strong body; a calm, focused mind; and a spectacularly powerful life.

The eBook version of Make Your Own Rules Diet is currently on sale for $3.99, but only until February 1, 2016.

Step 1: Get connected

Sit and meditate. Simple meditation is a practice that will sensitize you to how you feel. When you are in feeling mode instead of thinking mode, you are connected to your intuition and in the right place to begin making your own rules. Your highest purpose is resting right inside you. Tap in, have a listen, and allow your intuition to expand.


Wherever you are, take a moment and get comfortable. Sit up tall through your spine. Close your eyes and rest your hands on your thighs. Allow your body to sway gently side to side and round and round with the aim of finding a neutral, balanced place. Begin to notice your breath as it naturally comes and goes, inhaling and exhaling through the nose. Start to lengthen your inhales and deepen your exhales. Allow your attention to drift inward. If you start thinking or wandering away from your breath, gently guide your attention back to it. If you start to wander again, guide your attention right back again. Don’t worry about being perfect or having no thoughts or a clear mind. Simply focus on watching your breath and guiding your attention back when it strays. The process of guiding your attention has movement, is fluid, and changes moment to moment. Continue breathing for a few moments, and, when you’re ready, gently open your eyes.

Step 2: Shed what’s not serving you

Make a list. In your journal, on a scrap of paper, whatever is handy, pick up a pen, marker, or crayon, and write it down. What are the actions that you do and the rules that you follow that aren’t serving you? It can be as simple as eating too much sugar or participating in a toxic relationship. These are the things you discovered when you were setting goals in the last section. It’s important to face what’s not serving you before you can write any new rules.


Grab something to write on and something to write with and start jotting. Be honest with yourself. This list is for you, not to present at an interview. You start where you are, and that’s a great place to be. If you’re not honest about where you are, you’ll be starting where you aren’t, and it’s hard to get anything done from a place where you aren’t. Once you get all of those old behaviors out of your system and onto the paper, they are one step closer to being out of your life for good. Congratulations—today you’ll begin to untangle the sticky web of someone else’s rules and create a whole new uncharted path of your own. You’re about to go where no one has gone before.

Step 3: Make space

Without space, there is no room for inspiration, creativity, or anything new. Declutter your living space. Clean up your social and work calendar.


Why wait till guests come over to make things nice at home? You’re worth impressing, too! If you have a home computer, take ten minutes to brush up and organize files into folders and organize the items on your desktop. Doesn’t that feel better? Feels more spacious, right? Do the same with your living room, bedroom, and other areas of your home that could use some attention. Don’t worry about deep cleaning and clearing out the closets for now, just organize and put things in their places. Fluff pillows and make your home nice for yourself. It really makes a difference. Our surroundings influence our mood and how we feel about things, so if it is in your power to create an inspiring setting to live in, go for it!

Step 4: Allow creativity

Find something you like that is creative and fun. It can be anything: knitting, cooking, yoga, or hiking. We’ll be doing a lot of yoga together soon, so if your life is pretty full, don’t feel pressured to pick up and enjoy a new hobby, unless of course you feel the inspiration. Let it be an activity that fuels you mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


You don’t have to plan the world’s biggest DIY craft project or cover your living room in glitter (unless you really want to—don’t let me hold you back). Allow your mind to wander and dream about something to do that is simple that will create space for creativity. Maybe it’s doodling, painting, dancing, or writing. It can be anything.

Step 5: Make new rules

Only do this step when you feel ready. You’ve cleared some space in your life. You’ve opened up to creativity. You’ve found what’s not serving you. Now you have a solid base from which to formulate your new rules that do serve you and your highest purpose. These can be as simple as planning to prepare your own meals three days a week, or signing up for that yoga membership you keep putting off, or taking steps toward the career of your dreams.

TRY IT NOW! Allow your mind to wander toward what your rules might be for today or for the next 30 days. Perhaps even both! My rules for today are: practice ease at one class at Strala, meditate for at least ten minutes, and set some time for reading and daydreaming. Your turn!

Good job! You’ve just taken the first step toward creating a healthy and happy you. And remember, one of the great things about setting your own rules is that you can change and evolve them anytime you want. The rules you set for yourself today probably aren’t going to be the same rules that work for you next year—they might not even be the same rules that work for you next week or tomorrow. With the help of Make Your Own Rules Diet, you’ll be able to continually assess what needs to change—what will help you get to where you want to be!

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