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5 Ways To Add More Love To Your Life

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5 Ways To Add More Love To Your Life

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Jul 26, 2014 at 03:15 AM

No matter who you are or what you do or where you live, you could use more love in your life. More self-nourishment, more joy, more affection, more forgiveness, more compassion from those around you, more attention from others. We want it, we need it, but our quest for love is often misguided. We look outside of ourselves for something that rests within. We seek what we already are.

Yet we wake up each morning on a quest to somehow find it in a text, a phone call, an email, or the eye of someone we are gazing at. If we could recognize our splendor—see the Divine nature of our being, we’d understand and appreciate the magnificent that rests at the core of our being.

We can connect to that radiance with greater consistency by following these 5 steps starting with each morning as soon as we rise:

1. Start your day with some stillness and silence. Meditate—whether for 16 seconds or a full 30 minutes. Using a mantra (I list 12 timeless mantras on page 206 in my book, Secrets of Meditation, or simply following your breath in and out, will place us in a state of witnessing awareness.
2.        Surrender.  Acknowledge that this moment is pure and perfect and exactly as it’s supposed to be . The past is cared in stone—the future is unknown—all we have is this precious, sacred precious moment.
3.       Draw the logical conclusion that—if this moment is perfect—so are you…exactly where you are supposed to be—with all the emotions, relationships and circumstances that you have created.
4.       Open your heart to love. Repeat the affirmation: Today I let love in. Today I receive love. Today I am love. And throughout the day, as soon as you are not getting your way…as soon as you witness yourself trying to impose your view on how things are supposed to be or how something is supposed to unfold, repeat the affirmation.
5.       Flow. Extend yourself to someone. Lend a helping hand, ear or heart. Give something to someone—a thank you, an apology, a hug, a smile. Send a text to someone telling them you are thinking about them and sending them love.

The more you practice these simple steps, the more quickly you will feel loved and feel the love of the Universe.

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