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5 Ways To Alter Your Mindset And Bring Change To Your Career

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5 Ways To Alter Your Mindset And Bring Change To Your Career

Career Coach Mo Faul Knows What It Takes
Mo Faul
Aug 10, 2016 at 08:45 AM

We all know that tough times come. We know they are here to teach us lessons, move us forward and push us to correct patterns that no longer serve us. Yes, we know, we know. But do rough times leave us?

Sometimes life becomes too much and the negatives get stacked so high that we can’t see our way out.  A baseball player would call this a hitting slump. A stockbroker may call it a market correction. When it persists we call it life. Our thoughts become so clouded by what we “see” as reality that perspective shifts to the dim and dark. Our slump can sometimes feel unchangeable. This state brings along anxiety, fear and the equal vibrational energy patterns. It continues, until a cosmic blast happens in our life; getting fired, cancer, a car accident. Then we ask what happened, how did it happen, or more importantly, WHY did it happen? Can we get out of a rut before the catastrophic events play out in our life?

This was exactly the rut I was in 15 years ago when I finally hired my first coach. This was years before coaches were even a widely known profession. I hired Joyce. She was able to help me see that the way I was looking at my situation at work (not enough support for a really big initiative I was asked to lead). I felt the desperation mounted so much that everyone was out to sabotage my project and defeat me. I was swimming up stream and “everyone was out for me”.

I learned valuable lessons in this time of fear and hurt. I went inward. I decided that I indeed didn’t have all the answers. The next 15 years of my life have been an intense period of self- growth. Now, I (almost) welcome problems so I can correct my consciousness and practice all the more who I want to be and how I want to show up for the life I desire.  Let’s take a look at the 5 keys to pulling yourself up and out of the career rut!

1.  Imagine who you want to be in your career (and life)

While in a rut, we are actually playing a bad scene from a movie over and over again our mind. Guess what happens? Our habitual thoughts show up. Our thoughts create our reality. So, maybe now you want to stop reading, because you refuse to take responsibility for your thoughts. Or, perhaps you have been so hurt that therapy or another strategy may fit your situation better. Stick with me, because the thoughts you play over and over again in your mind show up as reality in the big screen of your life. They really do, and it is common to resist this law of attraction principle. We aren’t told this technique. In order to create the image of the YOU you want to be:

ACTION: Take 10 minutes and imagine your best self. Who is she? How does she respond to stress? How does she show up at work? How does she treat others at work? Write a full description of this person. Make it as detailed as you can to truly visualize her. Read this, wash your mind in this person so that you know her well. Now that you have her figured out, the next few steps become easy.  One way I have created to do this is with my 30 Minute Mission Statement, which you can download for free here!

2. Change your mindset and repeat thoughts that support your ideal YOU

That often quoted, but misunderstood phrase, “be the change you want to see in the world” is where this comes in. That means, be the YOU you want to be and see in the world. Your life shifts when you do. Your entire life shifts when you begin to think from the perspective of your highest version of YOU.

ACTION: Live more consciously from the perspective of this best version of you. What will she do in your current situation? Do that. Will the highest version of you have a heart to heart talk with the co-worker you gossiped about? Will she talk to her boss about wanting more responsibility? Will she dust off her resume and LinkedIn profile and begin to find a better environment? Do it each day. For tips on LinkedIn, listen to my Best Work/Best Life podcast here.

3. Create a sacred space for daily journaling and meditation

This is where you can practice that new you. Tap into the life-affirming energy of gratitude to center yourself in your dream. This daily habit is essential to creating the practice you need each day to show up as the best version of you. Yes, problems will arise, but you will handle them with skill and grace, not the reactionary, take it all personal, past you. When you have a daily journaling ritual, you create perspective and space for the good energy to flow.

ACTION: You can easily follow my daily sacred ritual. My ritual upon waking is, before I put my feet on the ground, imagine my perfect day, wake up, drink 2 glasses of water, write. I also have a motivational or devotional book I read as I journal to help me be where I want to be. Follow that with 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation. Ready for the day. I now routinely make sure I have enough time to do this each day, no matter where I am or what is in store that day. I add exercise most days, but now I prioritize the centering ritual. Get started now. Find a nice journal that will become a fixture to your morning. Enjoy the experience. For more of my daily tips, free trainings and extra career help, join my Facebook group, #Careerlove! 

4. Take action that is aligned with this YOU

What would that “you” do? Each day, week or month? Do that now. Of course, easier said than done. Life is about practicing who we want to be. Actions we take all come from the script in our head about who we are (life view) and what we have told ourselves repeatedly about the world (world view) these impressions have created the script we follow each day for our actions and reactions. Most of our life we are in autopilot mode, so we need to have a life empowering “default” mode. Many of us who have lived a bit have many disempowering habitual thoughts that create actions and reactions that keep us small. Open up and act from the perspective of the one you identified in step one. She is smart, confident and knows who she is.

ACTION: Set an intention each day to ACT from your highest self. Save the judging when you don’t do it. Love yourself for being more conscious. Love yourself every minute, think about how wonderful you are and your actions will follow from that perspective. Practice. You can join my 21 Day Confidence Cure to help you restart your mind reframing that will open you to your best actions and start your daily ritual. It may be just the guidance you need to create a new mental, daily habit and begin to shift your actions.

5. Gather your support team

When you want to change anything in your life, having support and encouragement is very important. Create a short list of people you can count on to help you stay the course. Make sure these friends and family will support you and not hold you back. You will rely on them when you’re down, excited, and well, just simply loved. If you have too short of a list of these folks in your life, I understand. It’s time to surround yourself with people who truly love you and want you to be a better, freer, happier and living from your soul.

ACTION: Create a list of three people who will support your expansion. Tell them what you are doing, ask them to hold you to your intentions, and if they need anything from you. The law of reciprocity is wonderful. For assistance in creating your list, check out my blog post for creating your Kick Ass Council.


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