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5 Ways To Find Your Tribe Within Your Community

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5 Ways To Find Your Tribe Within Your Community

Tips For Fitting in From John Holland
John  Holland
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Nov 08, 2016 at 08:45 AM

Do you belong to a spiritual or like-minded tribe? A group where the relationships are all about sharing, giving, and receiving energetically from each other?

People who travel a spiritual path, or who are just being awakened spiritually, often find it difficult to follow their souls’ path alone. Some people feel like they are the different one in their family or different from some of the people that are in their lives now. What do I truly mean by different? Let me try to explain.

If you’re the type of person who constantly questions if there’s more to life than what appears to be directly in front of you, then you’re a little different than the norm. It may be that you’ve had your own spiritual experiences, and you’re now drawn to metaphysics, New Age, or you just have a keen interest in psychic phenomenon. Equally, it may be that you know your soul is reaching out for you to follow its guidance. If you’re experiencing or feeling these things, it’s a good indicator that you’re like me - one of the “different ones.” If you think about it, are we really different or are we just more “awake” or “aware” than others?

I’ve met thousands of people at workshops and events who are from all walks of life, and from all over the world, and many have one thing in common: They are all on a spiritual quest to find their soul and their purpose. I so enjoy watching people come together, become friends (sometimes for life), and who feel they can express themselves with one another in a positive way. They no longer feel alone or feel like the different one. They have found members of their tribe.

When I say “tribe”, I mean like-minded souls who are drawn to each other. People who have similar interests, who accept you, who will push you to be all that you can be, who encourage you to reach for your goals and dreams. Those who challenge you, who understand your point of view, and who help you to possibly expand your mind and consciousness. They are the people who are members of your tribe. All of us have the fundamental human need to belong.

Finding Your Common Ground

I recently joined an 8-week oil painting class. I kept saying to myself: “I HAVE to take an art class!” The time was never right, or maybe I was making excuses because I’m busy doing life. But this year my soul kept pushing me and pushing me until I finally signed up for a class in oil painting – and my schedule allowed me to attend the whole 8 weeks. Now maybe being in an oil painting class for some wouldn’t be considered spiritual, but for me it is. I’m with like-minded people and we all have one thing in common … art !

The teacher is amazing, and the talent of my fellow students is inspiring. When I’m in the class studying, painting, and letting my creative juices show itself on the canvas, I am no longer John Holland, medium, teacher. I’m a student in art like everyone else there and I so look forward to the class each and every week. It gives me a chance to get out of my head and into my creative mind. The class is spiritual to me because it is meditative, and I’m learning life lessons. Like, if you make a mistake with the painting – no worries - start again. Also, let go and have fun! There are many more lessons I’m learning from the class - and I’m not alone. I’m with my art tribe!

If you feel you are not part of a tribe, or if you believe no one is out there who understands, then please think again. Your people are out there. I always say, “Like attracts like!” You just have to believe it, keep following your spiritual practices, and your souls will come together. When this happens, you will feel that you have known these people your whole life!

You can’t meet your tribe if you’re constantly sitting at home. Is there a certain activity you like - perhaps an art class, meditation group, yoga, or even a book club?

Many people enjoy each other’s company especially when they’re all in sync with a commonly shared activity. It may be that when you identify the activity you most want to participate in, you’ll discover through that class or workshop, you’ve become part of a tribe simply by joining something that nurtures your soul, as well as your mind and body!

1. Local Events

Try asking your neighbor if there’s a certain event coming up that fits the activity that you like or enjoy.

2. Online

Is there an online community where you can share your thoughts? 

3. Form Your Own Club

Maybe there are certain friends you know now who have similar interests, but you've never acted on it. You could even be the leader and form something new!

4. Take A Class

Is there a class or workshop that keeps grabbing your attention?

5. Volunteer

If you’re a lover of animals, is there a local animal shelter that could use your help? I find that animal people have a bonding experience that can only be shared with other animal people.

These are just a few suggestions. But remember, the more spiritual you become, the greater the possibility that some friends may fall away. It’s as if your vibrations are no longer in sync. Please know that it doesn’t mean they are bad people – it’s just that you may find they cannot relate to your journey. Please take heart, because for every person who leaves, a new tribe member will soon appear and step into the void.

You have to know and believe that our thoughts attract, and the same goes for like-minded people somehow finding each other! Sometimes your tribe becomes your soul family. Reach out and explore. Don’t let life live you – you live life! Trust and have fun!

Have a SOUL-filled week!

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