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5 Ways To Make Your New Year Bright

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5 Ways To Make Your New Year Bright

Are You Ready For The Light?
Deborah  King
Deborah King More by this author
Jan 06, 2017 at 11:15 AM

A new year has begun, and how do you feel? Are you revved up with joy at all the exciting prospects ahead? Or are you hiding under the covers, hoping this new dawn won’t be as scary and demanding as the last one? New beginnings can pull your heart in both directions. There’s a sacred call to start fresh and move toward your dreams, but there’s also nagging fear and doubt. Do you have what it takes to step out of the shadows and into the bright light of your best life?

The answer is “Yes, absolutely!” What lies ahead on your divinely-ordained journey? I see amazing opportunities for healing and growth. Each day can be another step in the right direction—the direction your soul longs to go. If you’ve been waiting for the most wonderful year of your life to begin, why not let it start today. The courage and confidence and love you need are all available. You can choose to activate them now as you open your heart to the prospect of a bright path ahead.  

See yourself stepping into the light and consider these 5 ways you can begin to move in the direction of your dreams:

1. Get in touch with your true feelings.

What is it that you really want? Moving toward your dreams starts with a clear understanding of where you long to go and why. What do you want to accomplish? What do you love to do? What are you strengths and gifts? You can use meditation and journaling to help discover your true feelings, the true you, your higher self.

2. Prioritize your spirit.

What spiritual practices do you use to stay in tune with your soul’s purpose and promote the wellbeing of your highest self?  Daily meditation, journaling, taking healing courses, and connecting with nature are all activities needed for your wellbeing. While these might seem to be practices that help only you, the truth is that everything in your world from relationships to work to your physical wellness depends on the health of your spirit. Taking care of your soul gives you the balance, the power, and the joy you need to accomplish your goals and make the contribution you long to make.

3. Let fear fall away.

One of the major tenants of energy healing is learning to let go of the harmful behaviors, limiting beliefs, and negative voices that feed fear and hold you back from your journey to the light. The true fresh start is not a new year on the calendar but the improved life that comes from clearing out negativity and opening the way for your best life. Letting go of old emotional baggage, including other people’s expectations, frees space for fresh positive energy to fill up your chakras and energy field, uplifting you and carrying you toward the light.

4. Feel the joy of giving back.

Being of service to others can heal and soothe your soul more quickly than anything and is also the fastest way to move up in spiritual consciousness. Focusing on the needs of others helps you align yourself with the unity of all Creation and feels wonderful. Being of service is a daily practice, a general selflessness, a shift in perspective so that you are thinking of others in relationship to yourself. It creates a feeling of connection that your soul longs for and helps you tune in to your life purpose, your unique contribution.

5. Connect with Source Energy.

Stepping into the light of your divine Source is the ultimate power trip! Need energy, clarity, compassion, purpose, and hope? You have the inside track to all the tools you need to heal, thrive, and grow in the year ahead by tapping in to the energy of All That Is. Taking time to discover your true self, making spiritual wellness your priority, letting go of negative emotions, and giving to others all help build your connection to Source and to all the guidance you will need to follow the path to your best life. The power within you comes from the spark of the divine that you were born with. Let the spark shine!

My own journey to the light and my soul connection came through the discovery of energy healing. Energy healing gives you the tools to process emotions to prevent negative buildup, expands your awareness, and brings you closer to Source and your higher self. With the guidance of your higher self, you become able to glimpse your true purpose, the reason you are here on Earth. This helps you stay more closely aligned with that purpose and speeds up your spiritual progress. As an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I can’t praise too highly the benefits of healing your soul this year. Step into the light and meet the new faithful and fearless you!

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